Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese Chapter 263

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese Chapter 263

The next day, Simone and the rest left the hotel to collect the jade at the public auction.

The guards on duty reported that something strange had happened the previous night.

They kept hearing strange noises and took turns going out to check but found nothing.

When they returned, they noticed traces of someone walking around the safe where the jade

was stored.

The talismans attached to the box also spontaneously ignited one after another, which startled them.

However, after the talismans burned out, everything returned to normal.

Tommy breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this.

Looking at Simone with lingering fear, he said, “It’s a good thing you had the foresight to attach talismans to the safe. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know if our jade would still be there.”

He speculated that it might be the work of a geomancy master hired by Jane to play tricks on them.

Simone smiled in response. “Better be safe than sorry. I’ll draw a few more talismans and stick them on. Let’s send them to the airport for shipment soon.”

She had a feeling that the mastermind behind Jane might not be willing to let go of so much jade.

They would likely try to steal it.

Sure enough, she was right.

But the more it happened, the more it indicated the importance of Fordson Jewelry, Jane, and the jade to the mastermind behind them.

By completely severing this connection, it would also greatly damage that person.

Tommy now had great trust in Simone. “Yes. Draw a few more and stick them on.”

Reich Group had to rely on this batch of jade to suppress Fordson Jewelry and come a new plan. They couldn’t afford any mistakes.



After Simone drew the talismans and stuck them on, they took the jade and went to the



Once they arrived at Cebros Airport and retrieved the checked-in safe, they found that the talismans on the box had traces of burning again.

Tommy was even more grateful that Simone had come along this time. Otherwise, the jade might have fallen into Jane’s hands again.

Out of gratitude, he suggested sending Simone back, but Zac took on the task instead.

He had intentionally parked his car at the parking lot when he went to pick Simone up so that he could drive her home.

Tommy knew Zac’s intentions but didn’t expose him. Instead, he smiled in support.

Before parting ways, Felix looked at Simone and asked, “Master Gray, you didn’t ask us for money as a reward when we were at the public auction. Would you like to get paid, or would you like to have entertainment resources in exchange?”

Simone replied, “Let’s exchange it for entertainment resources.”

The money she brought was enough to buy her raw stones, so she didn’t ask Tommy and Felix for money as a reward.

Felix nodded with a smile. “No problem. I will have someone compile a resources list specifically for the artists in your studio when I get back.”

Tommy also thought of something. “The contract for our company’s jewelry ambassador will actually expire next month. We’re planning to launch a new series, but the previous ambassador’s appearance and vibe don’t quite match our upcoming concept, so we will hire a new ambassador. We don’t plan on collaborating with the previous ambassador either.”

The effectiveness of the previous artist’s endorsement was just average, and there have been some scandalous rumors recently that were not very reputable.

Despite all that, they still asked for a rise in pay along with conditions to gain some leverage.

Hence, it conveniently gave their company a reason to terminate the contract and find a replacement.

The company had already informed the other party as well.

He looked at Simone and extended an invitation. I think you would be a perfect fit, so I would like to invite you to be our ambassador. I hope you will consider it

Aside from wanting to extend an olive branch and continue to be on good terms with Simone Tommy realized that her image and vibe would suit the high end jadeite jewelry collection that they were about to launch

Moreover, she gained fame overnight on a live variety show, causing her popularity to soar

ever since.

He believed that the other high-level executives in the company would not object to his decision.

Naturally, Simone didn’t reject his offer.

Reich Group’s jadeite collection had always catered to the high-end luxury market. The celebrities who endorsed their products were either A-listers or extremely popular stars.

Being an ambassador would put her on the A-list.

Even actors and actresses were vying for this opportunity, so it was considered a highly competitive position within the industry.

Debuting as an A-list jewelry ambassador now would significantly enhance her standing in the entertainment industry.

After they agreed to discuss the details later, Zac sent Simone home.

Shortly after arriving home, she received a call from Mr. Wills.

“Miss Gray, you and Mr. Turner were photographed together at the airport, and it was posted online. Netizens have started rumors about you dating him and going on a trip with him. I predict that your rumored relationship will soon trend on social media. Do you want me to explain or control the situation?”

When they left the airport, Simone and Zac were wearing masks and hats, but many people still recognized them and took their photos.

She didn’t expect that her rumored relationship with Zac would spread because of this.

The person who leaked the news obviously removed Felix and his group, who were next to them, out of the picture.

It was something that paparazzi usually did for the sake of publicity.

She didn’t really mind it, but she was worried that it would affect Zac.

After pondering for a moment, she replied, “I’ll ask Zac and have his team handle it.”

“That works, too. Such news would be more of a concern for Mr. Turner.”

Simone then called Zac

By now, Zac had already heard about the online rumors from his manager.


Not only did he not mind, but he was quite pleased.

“I don’t mind at all. After all, they’re just baseless rumors. Do you mind? If you do, I can have someone handle it and clarify the situation.”

Simone nonchalantly responded, “I don’t mind either. My main concern is how it might affect you.”

Zac chuckled and responded, “It doesn’t affect me at all. It actually helps us gain more attention and increase our popularity. If we rush to clarify, they might even claim that we’re guilty.”

Then, he cautiously asked, “Shall we just ignore it, then?”

Simone replied, “Sure. Let’s just ignore it.”

Zac took the opportunity to ask, “Simone, you did a great favor for my brother previously, so he wants to treat you to a meal in a few days. Would that be alright with you?”

Simone smiled and replied, “Sure.”

The two of them continued their conversation before ending the call.

Meanwhile, in the bar, Harold, Titus, and Leon were sitting at a table and enjoying their drinks.

Harold noticed a trending topic and exclaimed, “Leon, someone took the lead before you.”

Leon looked at him with confusion and asked, “What do you mean?”

Harold handed him his phone and said, “Take a look. Rumors are circulating about Simone and the youngest son of the Turner Family being in a relationship.”

Leon took the phone and read the news, his expression turning serious. “What are they saying? It’s definitely just gossip created by paparazzi for attention.”

Titus also leaned over to read the article.

“It might not necessarily be fabricated. Look. They’re both wearing matching masks, and their hats seem like different-colored couple hats. After they disembarked from the plane. Simone even got into Zac’s car. He dropped her off at her house before leaving. They do seem like a couple to me.”

Leon felt a twinge of jealousy and gave him a cold stare. “You’re just a single playboy. What do you know about what dating looks like?”

Titus was speechless at that. “Are you just jealous? How could you accuse me of that?”


Chapter 263 Do You Mind?

Then, he patted Leon sympathetically and commented, “I advise you to prepare yourself mentally, Leon.”

Leon swatted his hand away and hissed, “Get lost and stop talking nonsense.”

He then turned to Titus and asked, “Anyway, can you do me a favor?”

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