Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese Chapter 264

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese Chapter 264

Chapter 264 Andrew, That B*stard!

Titus immediately distanced himself from Leon and looked at him warily. “Leon, you don’t want me to break up those two, do you? Harold is good at this. Ask him instead.”

Although it concerned the happiness of his best friend, he didn’t want to provoke Simone because of this.

Harold, who was beside them, spit his drink out.

He glared at Titus and huffed, “What nonsense are you talking about? Do I look like such at scheming person?” Then, he turned to Leon and said, “I won’t do such despicable things.”

Leon was at a loss for words. Harold spoke as if he enjoyed doing wicked things.

In an impatient tone, he questioned, “What is all this-about? I just want Titus to find out where Simone and Zac went before they got off the plane and if there were other people with them. If there were, then hire some people to post a few pictures to clarify.”

He couldn’t accept Simone’s relationship with another man, and he didn’t believe it.

Since neither Simone nor Zac’s team clarified the situation, he would do it instead.

Titus was speechless. “Are you insane? Why should we bother with this when neither Simone nor Zac’s team are clarifying it? You must be bored, but I’m not.”

Leon stared at him and questioned, “Are we even friends?”

“We can temporarily break off our friendship,” replied Titus.

Leon was even more speechless this time. His friends were getting on his nerves.

“Just tell me whether you’re willing to help. I’ll get someone else to do it if you’re not.”

Titus had more connections in this aspect, so it would be easier for him to do it, but anyhow, his manager could do the same as long as he asked. He would merely get nagged for the whole day, which would be annoying.

Titus waved his hand. “Ask someone else, then. I don’t want to get involved in Simone’s affairs right now. Judging from her personality, she would have already had someone clarify it if she cared about this matter. The current situation indicates that either they are really dating, or she doesn’t care about the rumors at all

He looked at Leon again and said, “Be a good friend, and don’t hurt me I’m going to see her tomorrow and buy another talisman What if she won’t sell it to me it I help you with this Today


“When did you become so afraid of Simone?” asked Leon.

Titus snorted. “If you were beaten up a few times and had to endure the pain that lasted several days, you would be afraid of her too. Moreover, she had previously tarnished my reputation and put a halt to my career. I can’t deny that I’m afraid of her.”

After having his life messed up, he knew that he wouldn’t end up with a pleasant outcome if he were to provoke her again.

Leon sighed in exasperation, “What a coward.”

Titus retorted, “I’m just being wise.”

Seeing how determined he was, Leon had no choice but to back down.

“Then introduce me to someone who can help me.”

After all, he didn’t want the public to misunderstand that Simone and Zac were in a relationship.

Titus sighed, “Oh, Leon. If only you had known better.”

Despite saying that, he recommended two people to Leon.

Having his childhood sweetheart taken by another man sounded like a miserable encounter.

Without hesitation, Leon contacted those two people.

Harold asked Titus, “Why are you buying a talisman from Simone again?”

At the mention of that, Titus pulled a long face. “It’s all because of Andrew, that idiot, causing me trouble. After Jodie borrowed one-third of his luck, he started experiencing misfortunes every day. He’s on the verge of a breakdown now. And after he heard from Luca that I could. buy a talisman, he started annoying me. I’ve already made it clear to him that Simone won’t sell to him, but who knew that fool would take advantage of my inattention and steal my talisman during lunch today? He even ran off to somewhere I couldn’t find.”

Titus sighed again. “When I called him, he told me that his luck had improved after stealing my talisman and that he won’t give it back. What choice do I have? I have to get another one from Simone.”

Harold couldn’t help but find his situation amusing. “You attract trouble all the time.”

Having a foolish younger brother made him unlucky.

Upon hearing their conversation, Leon immediately gave Titus some advice.



“Why don’t you contact Simone now and buy another one?”

Titus raised an eyebrow. “What kind of lousy idea do you have this time? Simone just came back from her trip. She must be tired. As her older brother, I shouldn’t be disturbing her.”

Harold sneered, “Don’t act like she has acknowledged you as her brother. I bet you’re just afraid that she might be annoyed and choose to ignore you if you approach her now.”

Titus was rendered speechless. This b*stard is getting more annoying!

In response, he grunted irritably, “Don’t you know that some things are not meant to be said? Just keep your mouth shut, will you?”

Harold shrugged. “I’m just awfully honest.”

He then asked Leon, “You’re not thinking of tagging along to Simone’s house, are you? She just came back today. I’m certain that she won’t welcome you.”

“No. I just wanted to ask Titus if he could find out Simone and Zac’s situation.”

Titus didn’t know how to respond to him. “You think too highly of me. Do you really think Simone would tell me these things? I, for one, know she wouldn’t.”

But Leon insisted, “I’m just trying to create some opportunities for you to get closer to Simone. It shows that you still care about her.”

Harold was interested in their act, so he encouraged, “What he said makes sense. You should give it a try.”

Leon quickly agreed, “Exactly. You should give it a try. It’s not like Simone will eat you up.”

After pondering for a moment, Titus finally agreed.

The main issue was that his talisman had been stolen, which made him feel like part of him was missing.

In the group chat, he tagged Simone.

Simone, my talisman was stolen by Andrew.

Simone had just dried her hair and was lying in bed playing with her phone.

She responded immediately upon reading the message.

Simone: Has he really stooped so low as to steal your talisman?

Titus: Yes, he chokes or gags on water or food almost every day now, and he bumps into


things just by walking. It’s not just ordinary bad luck. He’s on the brink of a breakdown these days.

Simone: He deserves it.

Titus: He does. He even targeted me and snatched my talisman away. He also mentioned that after taking my talisman, he didn’t feel as unlucky anymore. Does it really work?

Simone: Of course it does. That talisman carries your aura, and since you are brothers, it can help him ward off misfortune.

Titus didn’t expect his talisman to have such an effect.

Titus: No wonder he refuses to return it to me.

He secretly thought that if it worked for Andrew, he wouldn’t mind. After all, they were brothers, and he would help as much as he could.

Tentatively, he asked Simone.

Titus: Can I get a new one?

Simone: Are you sure you want to buy a new one instead of getting the old one back?

Reading her message, Titus felt an ominous chill.

Titus: Are you suggesting that something will happen to me when he takes my talisman?

Simone: Duh. He used your talisman to ward off his misfortune, making you

the unlucky one. If luck is bestowed, and it only takes one talisman to ward it off, why would the mastermind go through so much trouble? So, are you prepared?

Titus mused, Prepared for what? Bad luck?

He wanted to curse. Andrew had caused him a huge trouble!

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