Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese Chapter 277

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese Chapter 277

Chapter 277 What Is It If Not For Her?

Everyone gathered around to see the roulette.

As they felt excited and anticipating some fun, they also admired Jonah’s creativity.

Keira smiled and asked, “Jonah, are we having another mysterious guest in this episode?”

Others looked at Jonah with curiosity.

Earlier, it was declared that there would be no more celebrity guests for the time being, leaving everyone wondering who would be joining this time.

Jonah smiled and replied, “Yes, there will be a guest joining, but it’s a mystery. I don’t know who it will be.”

Keira was surprised and asked, “You don’t know who it is? How is that possible?”

Everyone was puzzled.

Jonah deliberately piqued everyone’s curiosity and explained, “The program team is preparing to arrange for you to explore fate in Cubilis. You can look for an amateur guest who seems to have a strong connection with the team. As long as the other party agrees, the special guest for this episode will be them.”

This idea was suggested by the planners, and the supervisor also supported it, so Jonah had no objections.

Jonah speculated that the specific amateur guest was most likely pre-arranged.

However, they didn’t inform him of the guest’s identity.

They just mentioned following the conditions provided by the planning team to look for an


Whoever they found, as long as the person agreed, he or she would become the guest.

They said it would make things more interesting and exciting.

Since it was just a single amateur guest, plus the pressure from higher-ups, he didn’t object.

Moreover, it was indeed challenging to form groups with eleven guests. So, adding one more guest would facilitate better grouping.

Upon hearing this, everyone understood that they were going to find an amateur guest to bring a fresh element to the show.



Simone’s eyes flickered with interest. Could this amateur guest be connected to Jodie, and is there a specific reason for choosing Cubilis as the location? This is going to be interesting.

She asked, “How will we form groups using roulette? Does the arrow determine the group?”

Jonah nodded and replied, “Yes, that’s correct. After adding the amateur guest, you will have a total of twelve people. You will be divided into three groups, with four people in each


Zac asked, “Do we spin the roulette ourselves?”

Jonah smiled and said, “Originally, the team was supposed to spin it. But if you want to spin it yourselves, that’s fine as well.”

Zac immediately said, “Then we’ll spin it ourselves.”

Jonah agreed and added, “Alright, you can spin it yourselves. But to ensure fairness, you have to draw lots to determine the order of rotation.”

This avoided putting the guests in a difficult position, eliminating any unpleasantness about the order.

Everyone agreed to this decision.

In front of the livestream’s audiences, Jonah’s assistant prepared a sealed box with numbered ping pong

balls inside, which was lifted and shaken before it was carried over to the guests to make their draw.

Each guest drew a number to determine the order of rotation. The person who drew number one would go first. Whoever he spun to, that person would continue to spin. And then, they would continue to rotate until the teams were complete.

Then, the remaining would draw the ping pong balls to start another round of roulette.

Once the second round was completed, the remaining four people would form a team without rotating.

Everyone reached in to take their number.

Zac drew number one. “Then I’ll go first.”

He didn’t hide the fact that he wanted to team up with Simone, saying with a smile, “I hope for a good start; let’s land on Simone.”

Simone gestured a thumbs-up to him. “Go for it.”

However, in her heart, she felt that it was highly unlikely for Zac to be in the same group as

her this time.



5 Free Coins

Someone behind the scenes might have manipulated the team formations.

As expected, Zac reached to spin the large roulette wheel.

After a moment, the arrow’s movement slowed down, lingering on the space next to Simone’s name and gradually coming to a stop.

Just as Zac was about to feel happy and excited about drawing Simone, the arrow moved a bit. slower and landed in the space below with the name Jodie.

Zac’s expression instantly changed.

He silently cursed his bad luck.

His luck was exceptionally bad today; he actually landed on Jodie.

Upon seeing this, Jodie appeared surprised on the surface. But inwardly, she was delighted.

Zac had always been the target she wanted to conquer.

This time, it seemed like fate had placed them in the same group. She might have a chance to be with Zac. Excellent!

You bet, you pay. Although Zac didn’t want to be in the same group as Jodie, he could only accept his fate.

With a mournful face, he approached Simone to seek comfort.

“Simone, I shouldn’t have washed my hands before leaving today.”

Upon hearing this, Simone laughed and comforted him. “It’s okay, it’s just forming teams,

let’s have fun!”

Zac sighed. “Guess it’s the only way. Let’s just hope my teammates in the upcoming rounds get lucky and draw your name.”

Simone responded with a smile, “Fingers crossed.”

Following the turn to Jodie, her name was taken off the designated slot to prevent repetition.

If it happened to land on the empty slot, it wouldn’t be valid; they would have to spin again.

After Zac, Jodie drew Keira, and Keira drew Andrew, forming their group of four

Zac and Keira weren’t pleased about being grouped with Jodie and Andrew, whom they considered troublemakers



The second group, led by Eric, was paired with Ethan, who then paired with Brandon, and Brandon with Tina.

After each pairing, the other person’s name was removed from the roulette, creating uncertainty and relying on luck for group


The remaining guests-Simone, Aaron, Leon, and the mysterious guest-formed another


Zac was disappointed, while Leon and Aaron were pleasantly surprised.

Simone wasn’t very surprised by this grouping, which further confirmed that someone had definitely manipulated things behind the scenes.

Hence, she wasn’t given the chance to go up and spin the roulette.

The person behind the scenes must have noticed her interest in Zac and strategically placed him in the same group as Jodie and Andrew, creating a connection with her.

Previously, she had observed that Jodie harbored some intentions toward Zac.

Jodie wanted to take Zac in her pocket while Andrew was coming for Jodie to support and protect her.

This grouping not only fulfilled Jodie’s desires but also restrained Simone.

In the other group, Ethan was an artist she managed. So naturally, she was concerned about him.

Tina was arranged by the person behind the scenes.

This simultaneously posed a connection challenge for her.

In her group, there was an ex-boyfriend, an ex-brother, plus a mysterious guest. It was basically a powder keg.

This was clearly directed at her. The person behind the scenes had truly considered every


She intentionally didn’t make a move, wanting to see how they would play it. And she looked forward to the role of the mysterious guest.

After the grouping was completed, Jonah had a somewhat surprised expression on his face

However, it must be acknowledged that this grouping was likely to be very intriguing

Especially Simone’s group

Although everyone was aware of their teammates, Jonah announced the grouping situation in the live broadcast room.

“Now, please gather the individuals in each group.”

Zac looked at Simone with a pitiful expression, saying, “Simone, we can’t be in the same group this time.”

Simone found Zac’s expression resembled a pity puppy. She regarded him, finding his appearance endearing.

So, she extended her hand to pat his head and said, “It’s alright; even if we’re not in the same group, we can still support each other if necessary.”

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: January 5, 2024 Native Language: English

How To Read Novel Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese.

In her past life, Simone and her adopted sister got kidnapped. Surprisingly, her parents, five brothers, and even her boyfriend, who had grown up with her, all chose to rescue her adopted sibling, and this led to Simone’s unfortunate end. After being reborn, Simone decided to cut ties with her parents and her lousy brothers. She also broke up with her boyfriend because she’d had enough of all of them. To make a living, she had no choice but to dive into the entertainment industry. Simone’s eldest brother had wielded immense influence within the industry. In the blink of an eye, however, Simone’s management studio ascended to the top tier. Her second brother, a top-tier talent agent, quickly found himself outperformed by Simone, who had become the industry’s foremost agent. Her third brother, a mega-popular singer, saw Simone’s debut song set the world on fire in an instant. The fourth brother, a distinguished and up-and-coming director, gazed in envy and admiration as Simone’s directed movies achieved remarkable box office success. Her fifth brother, the hottest young sensation, watched as Simone transformed into an award-winning leading actress in no time. Upon witnessing her astounding accomplishments, Simone’s parents, brothers, and even her ex-boyfriend pleaded for her forgiveness. “No way!” Simone firmly replied.

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese

Simone Gray opened her eyes, surveyed the surroundings, and looked at the familiar room from her memories. She had indeed returned. Reaching out to grab her phone from the nightstand, she checked the date before a smile appeared in her eyes. What perfect timing. Just as she was thinking, a knocking sound echoed. She got up to open the door and saw a handsome man standing there, questioning her immediately, “I called you earlier. Why didn’t you answer?” Simone replied calmly, “I didn’t feel like it.” Standing before her was her second brother, Titus Gray, who was also her current agent. He was momentarily stunned, visibly not expecting his sister to say that. He furrowed his brows and lectured impatiently, “Stop causing trouble, will you?”


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