Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese Chapter 303

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese Chapter 303

Chapter 303 I Really Can’t Afford To Lose That Person

The live broadcast room audience was also shocked by the trending topic.

“Wow. Jojo is truly amazing. She can truly be herself.

‘Oh my god. Jojo is not just a small pond. She’s the ocean. She truly is the Sea Queen.”

I counted. There seem to be more than ten men exposed.”

“Add that to the five sc*mbag brothers of the Gray Family and her ex-boyfriends. That’s over twenty.

“There must be more that hasn’t been exposed yet, so the number is astonishing.”

“I never expected her to be so unrestrained in private.”

“If she wasn’t unrestrained, how could she have played around with the Gray brothers?”

“That’s true. I wonder what the Gray brothers will think after seeing all these scandals.”

“This is not just a case of being cheated on. They might feel like they’re in a vast grassland on their heads.” After that, many people went to Luca’s and others’ Facebook pages to ask for their thoughts.

Gray Family.

After Luca and Titus finished reading the trending posts about the scandals, their faces showed discomfort.

Luca frowned and said, “Are these people crazy? Jodie and I don’t have that kind of relationship. Why drag us into this?”

Titus glanced at him and said, “Didn’t you also appear in the trending topic because of intimate photos with Jodie? Haven’t you heard what people say? We’re just Jodie’s toy boys.”

He then said with a serious face. “But it’s embarrassing. We were saying that she wouldn’t do something like this.”

“Who knows, she can do anything we can’t imagine.”

At this moment, he felt particularly fortunate that he had rejected Jodie’s advances before. Otherwise, he would feel disgusted and sickened.

Luca also sighed. ‘Indeed. It’s embarrassing


Chapter 303 I Really Can’t Afford To Lose That Person

“I used to think she was innocent, but after knowing how cunning and scheming she is. I never thought she would be this kind of person.

“She’s shameless, always pretending to be innocent in front of us as if she doesn’t understand anything.”

Who would have known that she understands much more than anyone else?

He looked at Titus and asked, “Titus, you don’t have as many female companions as she does. right?” Titus had a black line on his forehead and said. I’m not a playboy, so of course, I don’t have that many

“I have about one or two a year, never more than three.”

“How many does she have? Please don’t compare me to her. I admit defeat.”

He truly admired Jodie. Her skills were impressive, incomparable.

Luca pointed upstairs. I wonder if Mom will be so angry that she falls ill again.” Titus replied, “That’s for sure.”

“Mom’s face looked terrible when I returned from the old house this morning. Grandpa and Grandma must have scolded her before the other elders.”

“She hasn’t recovered from the previous embarrassment, and now this happens. She probably won’t leave the house for a while.”

Luca nodded. “That’s true. Not just Mom, even I haven’t plan on going out recently.”

“I can’t afford to lose face. When he went out for dinner with friends, he was constantly teased about the situation between him and Jodie.

Some people couldn’t stand it and made sarcastic remarks about these matters.

Now, Jodie was the one making headlines with her scandal. Internet users were dragging all of us brothers into it.

People in our circle would bring it up when we went out to socialize.

It was so embarrassing. I needed to go into seclusion for a while.

Saying that he posted a message on his social media circle, saying that he would be in seclusion recently and not to disturb him.

Little did he know that there would soon be many replies.

They asked if he was feeling down and needed some time to recover from the blow.

Chapter 303 I Really Can’t Afford To Lose That Person

They asked for his opinion on the online scandal.

Luca didn’t feel down, but he felt embarrassed. These people are so nosy.”

“Titus, how about we go abroad for a trip?”

“I don’t want to stay in the country recently. Otherwise, whenever I go out, I feel like I’ll be mocked and ridiculed.”

Although they have never had a relationship with Jodie that went beyond boundaries.

They have never had romantic feelings for Jodie.

But others didn’t believe it. and they couldn’t explain it.

Titus was in a similar situation.

He posted nothing on his social media circle, but his phone buzzed with notifications.

Various friends came to greet him, asking if he was okay. They joked about his “prairie” hairstyle and asked for his thoughts.

Some even asked about the taste of Jodie.

This made him furious. How would he know the taste? He never had a taste of it.

And he and Jodie were not a couple. He didn’t have a “prairie” on his head.

His image had disappeared entirely in his social circle.

This was the first time he had suffered such a humiliating defeat, and it was all because he was being scapegoated. It was so unfair.

“Alright. I’ll go and book the tickets. After the variety show ends and the heat of these scandals dies down, we’ll come back.”

He finished speaking and took out his phone to book the tickets.

Both brothers were like this. Salma was lying on the bed, overwhelmed by phone calls and messages from relatives and friends. She was on the verge of a breakdown.

She never expected that Jodie would be like this outside.

The difference between being at home and being here was huge.

Especially when it involved her sons, it was so embarrassing.

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Chapter 303 I Really Can’t Afford To Lose That Person

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She called Steven and asked him to book a plane ticket for her when he goes abroad in the afternoon.

She wants to go abroad with him to avoid hearing news about Jodie and her sons.

The situation on Steven’s side was not any better.

Not only did people call and ask if he knew about Jodie’s secret actions.

Some people even directly asked him if he had an intimate relationship with Jodie.

After all, if her sons were like that, as a father, he probably wouldn’t be so serious either.

This made Steven furious.

Even if he’s not severe, he wouldn’t do anything to Jodie.

Besides, his mind was focused on his career, and he had never been with any other woman except his wife.

It was like a pot hitting his head, making him unable to catch his breath.

So, he booked a plane ticket and prepared to take his wife abroad.

And Jodie could no longer stay.

Once the variety show concluded, Jodie would return, and he would ask his wife to send her


He no longer concerned himself with the geomancy master behind Jodie.

He could not afford to keep that person around.

Having such trouble right in front of him was genuinely unsettling.

It would be better to send her away and avoid any

any further annoyance.

Thus, Steven and his wife decided to go abroad, along with Titus and Luca.

Only Reuben remained in the country, enduring the greetings from relatives and friends.

Everyone assumed that he and Jodie had an inappropriate relationship.

Reuben found it challenging to defend himself.

Even his ex-fiancée posted on social media, insinuating that it was fortunate they broke up. Otherwise, she would have been disgusted by him and Jodie,

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese

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How To Read Novel Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese.

In her past life, Simone and her adopted sister got kidnapped. Surprisingly, her parents, five brothers, and even her boyfriend, who had grown up with her, all chose to rescue her adopted sibling, and this led to Simone’s unfortunate end. After being reborn, Simone decided to cut ties with her parents and her lousy brothers. She also broke up with her boyfriend because she’d had enough of all of them. To make a living, she had no choice but to dive into the entertainment industry. Simone’s eldest brother had wielded immense influence within the industry. In the blink of an eye, however, Simone’s management studio ascended to the top tier. Her second brother, a top-tier talent agent, quickly found himself outperformed by Simone, who had become the industry’s foremost agent. Her third brother, a mega-popular singer, saw Simone’s debut song set the world on fire in an instant. The fourth brother, a distinguished and up-and-coming director, gazed in envy and admiration as Simone’s directed movies achieved remarkable box office success. Her fifth brother, the hottest young sensation, watched as Simone transformed into an award-winning leading actress in no time. Upon witnessing her astounding accomplishments, Simone’s parents, brothers, and even her ex-boyfriend pleaded for her forgiveness. “No way!” Simone firmly replied.

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese

Simone Gray opened her eyes, surveyed the surroundings, and looked at the familiar room from her memories. She had indeed returned. Reaching out to grab her phone from the nightstand, she checked the date before a smile appeared in her eyes. What perfect timing. Just as she was thinking, a knocking sound echoed. She got up to open the door and saw a handsome man standing there, questioning her immediately, “I called you earlier. Why didn’t you answer?” Simone replied calmly, “I didn’t feel like it.” Standing before her was her second brother, Titus Gray, who was also her current agent. He was momentarily stunned, visibly not expecting his sister to say that. He furrowed his brows and lectured impatiently, “Stop causing trouble, will you?”


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