Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese Chapter 322

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese Chapter 322

Chapter 322 I’m Helping You Vent!

Jodie’s expression changed upon seeing the people entering the room. Why did these two elders come here? Ever since she arrived at the Gray Family, they had always been cold towards her, believing that she did not possess the Gray Family blood.

Now, it seemed that the visitors were not here for a pleasant reason! Andrew and Aaron were also surprised, “Grandpa, Grandma, why are you here?”

Owen had already consulted the doctor about his grandson’s condition and spoke with a serious expression, “You have caused such chaos and brought shame to the Gray Family, yet you still cannot resolve the problem. If we don’t come, who will clean up this mess?”

The room door had been slightly ajar, and they had overheard the conversation inside. They glared angrily at Andrew. “I truly don’t understand how we raised such an indecisive fool like you.”

Andrew choked, “I was deceived.”

Owen sneered, “You lack intelligence and still shift the blame onto others.” He then turned to his second son and instructed, “Go to the geomancy association in the city, report and file a complaint about Jodie Gray’s use of witchcraft to harm people. Bring her along.”

His second son nodded. “Yes, Dad!” He then instructed the bodyguard to seize Jodie and attempt to remove her from the room.

Jodie struggled relentlessly, “No, you can’t do this. Grandpa, you’ve misunderstood, I didn’t harm Andrew, I-”

Owen looked at her with disgust and interrupted, “Don’t call me grandpa; I am not your grandpa.”

Witnessing the cold and ruthless gaze of the old man, Jodie could only cry and turn to Andrew and Aaron. “Andrew, Aaron, I don’t want to suffer at the geomancy association. Please, beg Grandpa not to send me there, I beg you.”

Before they could respond, Owen furrowed his brows. “Silence her and take her away!” he commanded, and a tall bodyguard covered Jodie’s mouth with his hand before forcefully escorting her out of the room.

The ward fell silent as Owen turned to his two grandsons. “In the future, act more decisively. Why waste so much time talking to her? Do you believe she hasn’t caused enough trouble for


Andrew and Aaron cowered and immediately replied, “Yes, Grandpa.” They were not close to their grandfather and had always feared him.

Chapter 322 I’m Helping You Vent!

Owen glanced at the others in the room; his previously serious expression softened, revealing an apologetic smile. “Everyone, I apologize for subjecting you to this spectacle.”

Everyone noticed that he was resolute in his actions, and after exchanging a few polite words, the

group bid their farewells. As Owen had personal matters to attend to, he did not detain anyone. However, when he saw Simone about to leave with the others, he spoke up, “Simone, could you and your senior spare a few minutes?”

He addressed his granddaughter in this manner because he understood Simone’s personality. Since she no longer acknowledged the Gray Family, she naturally did not recognize him as her grandfather, either.

Aware of this fact, he wouldn’t shamelessly exploit their so-called family ties to manipulate her morally. In his heart, he couldn’t help but curse his son and daughter-in-law for their


Simone glanced at Bailey and asked, “What do



Bailey shrugged indifferently. “It’s up to you.” Meaning, if she stayed, he would stay; if she left, he would leave, too.

After contemplating for a moment, she asked Zac and the others to go back first. When they had left, she turned to Owen and asked, “What do you want to say, Old Mr. Gray?”

She didn’t harbor much affection or resentment towards Owen and Alice. Since being acknowledged as part of the Gray Family again, their attitude toward her had been decent. On the other hand, due to their emphasis on bloodline, their treatment of Jodie was relatively cold, and they didn’t even include her in the Gray Family’s genealogy.

But to begin with, she had grown up outside, and the elderly couple resided in the old mansion, so she rarely visited, and their relationship wasn’t close. The Gray Family’s tradition was to grant freedom to their children who weren’t the heir, let alone their grandchildren.

But it must be said that Owen’s personality was at least more likable than the others in the Gray Family and at least not as hypocritical. When she severed ties with the Gray Family, the elderly couple had also attempted to persuade her to stay. Upon hearing her firm stance, they recognized their son’s family was in the wrong and did not press her further. They only mentioned that if she ever wished to return to the Gray Family, she would be welcomed at any time. If she required assistance, she could also turn to them, but she declined, and they were sensible enough not to pester her any longer.

Hearing her address, Owen understood her attitude and sighed. “That good-for-nothing grandson of mine brought this upon himself. Although he deserves it, we are still concerned about what might happen to him. So, I wanted to ask if you have any means to help him through this difficult situation. Of course, we will offer any reward you ask for

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Chapter 322 I’m Helping You Vent!

It was somewhat awkward for him to negotiate with his granddaughter, but he couldn’t simply disregard this foolish grandson.

Simone shrugged and straightforwardly replied, “I dislike them. Even if there is a way, I won’t intervene.”

She would caution and attempt to prevent those scumbags from being manipulated by Jodie. It wasn’t that she still harbored feelings for them but just that she feared they would foolishly get themselves into trouble and cause even more problems for her.

They brought this upon themselves, and she wouldn’t kick them while they were down. It was already enough that they were in this situation, but she wouldn’t care for or assist them.

Andrew and Aaron stared at Simone in disbelief. She was truly heartless! But at this point, they had no right to blame her.

Owen was not surprised. Simone was more like a member of the Gray Family than these foolish grandsons. If they had to sever ties, they should do so cleanly without hesitation. It’s a pity.

He knew that Simone wouldn’t intervene, so his real target had always been Bailey. He politely inquired, “Master Shawn, you previously mentioned that you can forcefully resolve this issue for my foolish grandson. Can you still do so now?”

Bailey responded in a meaningful tone, “It depends on whether your grandson is willing to let go or not.”

Owen gazed at Andrew and inquired, “Are you ready to let go now?” If this fool hesitated and worried about Jodie’s fate after the matter was resolved, then he would give up on his grandson.

He no longer wanted this grandson and didn’t care whether he lived or died anymore.

Andrew could sense that as long as he expressed his willingness to let would leave immediately. This time, he didn’t hesitate any longer. “She has repeatedly

go, his grandfather harmed me, so I won’t hesitate anymore.”

As for the consequences, he didn’t care. The more ruthless she was to him, the more severe the consequences would be. It was the result of her actions.

Owen nodded with satisfaction upon hearing his words. Fortunately, they hadn’t reached the point of no return yet. He turned to Bailey and said, “Master Shawn, he is now willing. When do you think you can help resolve this issue?”

Bailey smiled faintly and replied, “He was unwilling before, but now I am temporarily unavailable. We can discuss it when I have time.

These words left Owen and Andrew feeling a bit choked up. Despite that, they had no choice

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Chapter 322 I’m Helping You Vent!

but to accept it. After all, Bailey was the only one who could help Andrew at the moment.

Owen maintained a smile and said, “Alright, we will wait until you’re available, and then we will seek your help in resolving this issue. His bracelet that suppresses bad luck has already broken. Will he continue to experience bad luck in the future?”

Bailey nodded. “That is certain.”

Owen asked, “Is there any way to temporarily suppress his bad luck? If he continues to experience such bad luck in his current condition, I don’t know if he will be able to survive.” At his age, he had to swallow his pride and seek help for his grandson. It was truly difficult for


It was his son and daughter-in-law’s fault that his grandson wasn’t raised well. When they returned, he would teach them a good lesson.

Bailey looked at Simone. “You don’t have to take action, but you can offer them some advice.” The items he had couldn’t be given to Andrew for protection because he was not deserving and did not have that fate. Since Simone had previously passed the problem to him, he was passing it back now.

Simone realized that her senior was rather petty. She pondered for a moment and said to Owen, “Your grandson was harmed by Jodie together with a geomancy master. I think you should go to the geomancy association to seek justice and let them find a way to suppress your grandson. All of this falls within the responsibilities of the geomancy association. If they fail to address it, then you can file a complaint with the special department. There are many capable individuals in both organizations, and I believe there will always be someone who can assist your grandson.”

What she wanted was for the Gray Family to make a scene and observe the attitude of the geomancy association and the special department, whether the individuals behind would protect Jodie or not.

Being the cunning old fox that he was, Owen understood Simone’s intention as soon as he heard it. This was shifting the responsibility to the geomancy association and the special department, allowing them to take the lead in dealing with the Gray Family.

Once again, he sighed. Simone, his granddaughter, was a pity. He nodded, “Alright!” For the sake of his foolish grandson and the person behind them who plotted against the Gray Family, he had no choice but to accept it.

Then. Simone and Bailey took their leave. After they departed, she smiled at Bailey and asked, “Bailey, are you being lenient toward Jodie?”

He raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t I helping you?”

Simone also raised an eyebrow. “Helping me?”

Chapter 322 I’m Helping You Vent!

He explained, “Don’t you dislike him very much? Let him experience some misfortune and gradually resolve it. I am helping you vent your anger!”

Simone was speechless. He certainly had the gab of tongue, and she was defeated by him.

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese

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How To Read Novel Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese.

In her past life, Simone and her adopted sister got kidnapped. Surprisingly, her parents, five brothers, and even her boyfriend, who had grown up with her, all chose to rescue her adopted sibling, and this led to Simone’s unfortunate end. After being reborn, Simone decided to cut ties with her parents and her lousy brothers. She also broke up with her boyfriend because she’d had enough of all of them. To make a living, she had no choice but to dive into the entertainment industry. Simone’s eldest brother had wielded immense influence within the industry. In the blink of an eye, however, Simone’s management studio ascended to the top tier. Her second brother, a top-tier talent agent, quickly found himself outperformed by Simone, who had become the industry’s foremost agent. Her third brother, a mega-popular singer, saw Simone’s debut song set the world on fire in an instant. The fourth brother, a distinguished and up-and-coming director, gazed in envy and admiration as Simone’s directed movies achieved remarkable box office success. Her fifth brother, the hottest young sensation, watched as Simone transformed into an award-winning leading actress in no time. Upon witnessing her astounding accomplishments, Simone’s parents, brothers, and even her ex-boyfriend pleaded for her forgiveness. “No way!” Simone firmly replied.

Forgive Us My Dear Sister by Opal Reese

Simone Gray opened her eyes, surveyed the surroundings, and looked at the familiar room from her memories. She had indeed returned. Reaching out to grab her phone from the nightstand, she checked the date before a smile appeared in her eyes. What perfect timing. Just as she was thinking, a knocking sound echoed. She got up to open the door and saw a handsome man standing there, questioning her immediately, “I called you earlier. Why didn’t you answer?” Simone replied calmly, “I didn’t feel like it.” Standing before her was her second brother, Titus Gray, who was also her current agent. He was momentarily stunned, visibly not expecting his sister to say that. He furrowed his brows and lectured impatiently, “Stop causing trouble, will you?”


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