Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer Chapter 23

Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer Chapter 23

Chapter 23

The young man looked to be in his early twenties

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Chapter 23 It’s up to Mr Dunkstein


and had a head of red hair. An ordinary man would

have looked hideous in that hair, but the man had

fair skin and a rather handsome face. He was

dressed from head to toe in designer labels, and

the eclectic mix of clothes made his originally

arrogant expression look unbridled.

Before Isabella could speak, Abigail approached

the man. “Sir, are you the son of Old Mr. Dunkstein

from the day before yesterday? I was the one who

helped him with the papers when purchasing the


She blinked her big eyes while carrying a glass of

water over to the man. Her chest came

dangerously close to brushing against the man’s


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Chapter 23 It’s up to Mr Dunkstein

“She’s so insatiable.”

9K 81%

Isabella heard Alex snort, clearly having seen

Abigail behaving this way many times before.

After releasing a breath, Isabella calmed herself

down and was about to turn around to leave.


You’re the one who sold the car?” The young man’s

tone sounded neither pleased nor displeased.

Just as Abigail was about to nod, the man

suddenly knocked over the cup in her hand.

“Do you think I’m a f*cking pushover? The car

started leaking oil as soon as it left this store!”

Leaking oil?


1204 Wed 20 Dec G 

Isabella halted, and a crowd began to gather.

Finally, Jonas emerged from the office, grinning as

he approached. “Mr. Dunkstein, there must be a

misunderstanding. Our cars are brand new.”

“How would I know what tricks you guys are up to?”

The man retrieved a pack of cigarettes from his

pocket and skillfully lit it up. “The saleswomen here

are so fashionable. Maybe she often takes the new

cars out to lure customers.”

This guy’s words were really harsh.

Isabella took a deep breath and noticed that the

female employees were all glaring at the man, but

none spoke up.

Chapter 23 Its up to Mr Dunkstein

“Sir, please speak with respect.” She couldn’t hold

back and turned to face the man called Mr.


Gordon Dunkstein was here to pick a fight and had

no interest in women like Abigail, who obviously

seduced her clients often. When his gaze landed on

Isabella, he seemed pleasantly surprised. She wore

her hair in a neat ponytail and had a delicately

made–up face with slender eyebrows, which made

her look utterly stunning. The corners of her lips

were pressed down, giving off a signal of slight

displeasure. Also, her stern gaze made him shiver

with desire.

Intrigued by her, Gordon raised his chin. “And who

might you be?”

Chapter 23 It’s up to Mr Dunkstein


isuveniu survigilenenie puck und wuiked up to


him, introducing herself. “I’m Isabella Symons. I

handled the transaction the day before yesterday,

and I was the one who received Old Mr. Dunkstein.”

“So, it was you?” Gordon touched his chin, looking

disdainfully at Abigail on the side, whose face had

turned red at that point. She covered her face and

ran away in tears.

After a scoff, he turned back to Isabella. “Don’t look

at me like I’m a bully. The car is still at the repair

shop. Come with me and see for yourself.”

Isabella hesitated for a moment, but Alex gently

nudged her arm from behind and whispered, “Don’t

  1. go. Nothing good will come of it.”


Chapter 23 It’s up to Mr Dunkstein

“You can choose not to go, but then, I’ll just report

you.” Gordon raised his chin, looking quite pleased

with himself.


Left with no choice, Isabella mustered her courage

and met the man’s gaze. “I’ll go with you.”


“Great. It seems you’re a responsible person.”

Gordon laughed. His previously domineering

expression suddenly brightened as he shook the

keys in his hand and headed outside.

Isabella could only turn around and exchange a

helpless look with Alex before quickly grabbing her

bag in the office and following the man.

Gordon drove a Porsche here, and when he saw


Work hard, feast harder.


12.04 Wed, 20 Dec GOO

Chapter 23 It’s up to Mr Dunk ste

Isabella coming out, he clicked his tongue,

motioning for her to sit in the passenger seat.

Being naturally cautious around people from

wealthy families like him, Isabella got in the car

without saying much and began thinking about

how to handle the situation later.

Since she was so quiet, she gave Gordon the

chance to size her up.


She has such fair skin, and her eyes are pretty, too.

Her lips are curved downward, making her look

slightly pitiful. It makes me…

Gordon propped up his hand on the car door as an

inexplicable light flashed in his eyes. Suddenly, he

stepped on the accelerator.

Wed, 20 Dec G

Chapter 23 x up to Mr Dunkstein

As Isabella didn’t expect him to suddenly

accelerate, she latched onto the door tightly,

barely managing to steady herself. However, her

face had turned pale with fright.

When the car finally stopped, she had just

managed to catch her breath when Gordon had

already gotten out of the car ahead of her and,

surprisingly, opened the door for her.



“Look at your pale face. You’re so easily frightened.”

As he spoke, he even reached out to try to touch

her face.

Startled, Isabella deftly avoided him. “I’m fine. Could

you please show me the car?”

Chapter 231 up to Mr Dunkstein

8K 80%


“Sure.” Gordon didn’t show any signs of anger. He

stuck his hands in his pockets and nonchalantly led

the way.

The repairmen in the repair shop were obviously

familiar with him. Taking the initiativeone came

forward to greet him. “Mr. Dunkstein, are you here to

check on the car? It’s not ready yet.

Gordon turned to Isabella and raised his chin

slightly. “Take her to have a look and see how

serious that junk is leaking oil.”

The mechanic intelligently caught on and

immediately understood what Gordon meant.

Then, he led Isabella inside.


Chapter 23 its up to Mr Dunkstein

Cywicie, louvilly

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almost no room to step on. The car Gordon’s father

had bought was jacked up and placed at the far

end of the store.

Isabella instantly made a clear guess after seeing

all the scratches around the car. While Gordon

wasn’t paying attention, she asked the mechanic,

“Sir, can you tell me how it started to leak?”

The mechanic lowered his voice and replied, “Miss,

to be honest with you, it’s not up to me to

determine how the car broke. It’s up to Mr.


Great. Just my luck.

Forcing a smile, Isabella thanked the mechanic



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Chapter 24 A Cunning Trick

and approached Gordon.

Meanwhile, Gordon was at the doorway, holding a

pressure washer gun used for washing cars and

playing with it.

“Mr. Dunkstein, what results are you hoping for in

this matter?”

Upon hearing the gentle female voice coming from

behind him, Gordon almost lost his grip on the

pressure washer gun.


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Read Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer Novel

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"Leave Me Alone, Mr. Shaffer" likely refers to a desire for solitude or privacy, possibly addressing an individual named Mr. Shaffer. The phrase implies a request for distance or cessation of interaction. The specific context or origin may provide more nuanced meaning to this expression.  

Synopsis: Read Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer Novel

For five grueling years, Isabella Symons played the role of the "personal secretary" for the austere Seth Shaffer. She gave him her all. But when he claimed he was "tired" of her, he discarded her to a remote outpost. At first, exile seemed bleak. But as if fate had taken a turn, Isabella thrived in this new environment. With sheer determination, she ascended to the pinnacle of her life. Young admirers chased after her, influential figures gifted her with opportunities, and a previously unknown dying billionaire father appeared, offering her a hefty inheritance with just a nod. Life has its ups and downs, but for Isabella, it seemed to only go up, up, and up..

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Isabella Symons frowned as she awoke from a restless dream and turned over uncomfortably. As she moved, she suddenly realized there was someone else beside her
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"Leave Me Alone, Mr. Shaffer" appears to be a phrase or title that suggests a desire for privacy or solitude, possibly addressed to someone named Mr. Shaffer. The phrase "Leave Me Alone" conveys a clear message of wanting to be undisturbed or free from interference, while the addition of "Mr. Shaffer" personalizes the request. The use of a name implies a specific individual, possibly someone who is persistently intruding or causing discomfort. The tone could range from a firm but polite request for space to a more assertive expression of frustration. Overall, the phrase seems to encapsulate a sentiment of seeking independence, peace, or distance from the mentioned individual, Mr. Shaffer, and it might be used in various contexts, such as in relationships, work settings, or everyday interactions.


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