Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Chapter 56

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Chapter 56

Chapter 56

“Let’s go.”

“Okay… ouch!”

Aurelia lowered her head to inspect her foot and was surprised to find a scrape on her ankle. Fortunately, the wound wasn’t deep.

She gritted her teeth, put on her shoes, and limped alongside Leslie.

As she stood on the escalator, someone bumped into her. When she exerted force on her foot

to regain her balance, a sharp pain shot through her anklemaking her sway for a moment.

Leslie helped to steady her.

“Stand closer,” Leslie said gruffly.

“Alright, thank you.”

Aurelia took a small step closer to him, but it was so small that it seemed as if she hadn’t moved at all.

Leslie glanced at her. Without hesitation, he pulled her into his embrace.

She stiffened, and she quickly lowered her head.

He couldn’t see her expression clearly, but he could clearly see the tips of her ears turning red.

She was surprisingly shy.

Aurelia always gave him a contradictory feeling. Which side of her was the real one?

The atmosphere felt awkward, so Aurelia randomly brought up a topic.

“Mr. Synder, why did you take the train today?”

“A colleague borrowed my car. It’ll only be returned tomorrow morning.”

Actually, it was one of his subordinates who had needed a car so that he could take his parents back to their hometown, but he didn’t dare to use Leslie’s luxury cars for fear of attracting


Aurelia nodded and did not pursue the topic further.

After exiting the subway station, Aurelia slightly increased the distance between the two of


To her surprise, she found that Leslie seemed to have no intention of doing the same. He even accommodated her with smaller steps.

She glanced at Leslie cautiously. His face was as handsome as ever, but it lacked its usual cold. demeanor.

“Watch your step.”

Leslie suddenly lowered his head to meet her eyes.

Surprised, Aurelia quickened her pace, forgetting about her injured foot.


“Ouch, ouch…” Aurelia hissed in pain.

Leslie was inexplicably amused by the series of hissing sounds she made, but he didn’t show it. Aurelia noticed her tone and immediately shut her mouth. She hoped Leslie would let go of her. Instead, he helped her sit on a bench outside a nearby store.

“Wait here.”

“Where are you going?”

As soon as Aurelia finished speaking, Leslie entered the neighboring store.

Confused, she looked up at the store’s sign and immediately understood what Leslie wanted to do

It was a pharmacy.

Aurelia felt an inexplicable warmth in her chest as she looked at the store.

It had been a long time since someone else had taken care of her, not since her mother had been hospitalized.

Ten minutes later, Leslie returned with a bag in his hand.

Aurelia immediately stretched out her hand and said, “I can do it myself.”

This wasn’t a drama. No one would have a pair of flawless and attractive feet at all times of the day.

In reality, people who had spent an entire day in high heels would be aware that even if their feet didn’t stink, they’d still be sweaty, and there would be red imprints from being stuffed into such shoes for so many hours. It could end up looking as ugly as it sounded.

Aurelia, despite not being pretentious, still valued her dignity. She felt embarrassed to expose her feet that were undeniably in such a state to Leslie.

However, Leslie didn’t give her the bag. Instead, he pulled over a plastic stool that was outside the store and sat down calmly.

While unpacking the medicine, he said, “Give me your foot.”

Aurelia hesitated.

Leslie paused and said, “Do you need me to send you an invitation?”

Aurelia quickly shook her head, curling her toes and lifting her foot.

Leslie pointed to his knee. “Put it here. How else will I be able to apply the ointment?” Aurelia was momentarily stunned. Did she really have to put her foot on his knee?


Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

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Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth - Aurelia Simmons wants to borrow money from her boyfriend to pay for her ailing mother's hospital bills. To her dismay, she finds out that her boyfriend's waiting for her mother to die so that he can take advantage of her when she's all alone. She breaks up with him without hesitation and instead marries a friend's Sen.Aurelia initially thinks her husband is a workaholic programmer with a cold personality and a steady job. She expects them to keep their distance from each other after marriage.

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

Who would've expected him to become increasingly clingy the more time they spend with each other? In every important meeting, Aurelia sees her husband there. Did computer programmers have such wide job scopes nowadays? It's only when an incredibly important president of a company goes on stage to give a speech at Seacester's most prestigious business conference that Aurelia realizes the president looks exactly like her husband. When faced with another woman's blatant seduction, the president shows off his wedding ring in front of all the cameras focused on him. "I'm married, so leave me alone."Aurelia glared at his ring. Wasn't that the one she'd given to him?It looked like she'd have to teach him a lesson for lying to her!   Conclusion Well, that's the review and how to read the novel Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Full Episode. This novel is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column below.


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