Master of His Heart Chapter 10

Master of His Heart Chapter 10

Chapter 10 

Brielle’s knees doubled as a makeshift desk for her laptop as she cast a glance at Lucinda. “Have you looked into this company’s cash flow, market share, profits, and sales forecasts?” she asked, her tone casual but pointed. 

Lucinda’s face tightened, her annoyance growing by the second. Being called out in front of the others like this was a low blow from Brielle. 

Fingers dancing across the keyboard, Brielle didn’t need a physical proposal in front of her; she had meticulously analyzed the future trends of Integral Elements Inc. 

The firm wasn’t large, but it was a powerhouse of profitability, with each employee generating a whopping three hundred percent profit for the company. 

What’s more, Integral Elements Inc. had cut costs to the bone by eliminating packaging, engineering design, and marketing expenses. 


Their long-term relationship with Dorsey International was built solely on reputation no small feat. Just that alone made their trip worthwhile. 

After quietly finishing up her notes, Brielle looked up at the trio before her. 

“Organize the reports you’ve prepared yourselves,” she instructed calmly. 

Lucinda was the first to express shock. “What reports?” 

The two male colleagues’ brows furrowed in confusion. “You mean the proposal? But wasn’t that kicked back by Mr. Spencer?” 

Brielle took a deep breath, her gaze sharp. “Besides the proposal, I want all the preliminary research we’ve done on Integral Elements Inc. – their distribution channels, logistics, you name it. If we’re going to impress Tanner, we need to understand this company inside. out.” 

Lucinda, who hadn’t even brought her laptop, stood there empty-handed. “Why all the fuss? We’re here. Isn’t that enough?” 

“Lucinda,” Brielle’s voice turned icy. “If that’s your attitude, you might as well go back now. I didn’t bring you here to make snarky comments. You’re employees, and if you don’t even have the basic data with you, what do you think we’re here for? To have tea with Tanner?” 

Lucinda’s face flushed with embarrassment and anger. She usually got on well with Brielle, but today had been a series of humiliations. 

Recalling the text from that colleague, she snapped. “This mess is your fault! If you’d just groveled to Mr. Spencer, we wouldn’t be here getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!” 

With that, she stormed off, forwarding the incriminating text to the two male colleagues. 

– [Lucinda, Mr. Spencer was in the office this afternoon. He’s making you manager, and 


Chapter 10 

Brielle’s been demoted!] 

Now she was the boss, and Brielle was nothing. Poor thing got cheated on by her fiancé and lost her job. Haha, she didn’t even know yet. 

Brielle could sort everything out here herself. When the time came, Lucinda would swoop in with the proposal and seal the deal with Tanner. All the credit would be hers, and Brielle’s efforts would be for nothing. 

The two men had been in a sour mood since boarding the plane, but out of respect for Brielle’s position, they had followed her. Now, with the text in hand, they found an outlet for their frustration and quickly followed Lucinda out. 

“Lucinda, don’t be upset. She can’t do it alone.” 

“She’s always been like this, acting all high and mighty. Let’s head back and watch her fail. 

They left as if it was all Brielle’s fault. 

Lucinda felt a surge of relief and adopted a softer tone, “Ah, negotiation is really a man’s game. Once I’m manager, I’ll make sure the guys step up.” 

That was exactly what the men wanted to hear, winning their approval. The trio booked tickets home, leaving Brielle alone in the waiting area. Blinking away the sting of tears, she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and dove back into the data. 

A new email popped up, a single question mark from Max, dripping with condescension. After a moment’s hesitation, Brielle deleted it. She wasn’t going to wait for a savior in a 


With newfound clarity, she focused more intently on her work. After another hour, she finally saw Tanner, flanked by two associates, walk in. 

Gathering her laptop and files, Brielle approached him. 

“Mr. Tanner, long time no see,” she greeted, extending a hand with a warm smile. 

Tanner recognized her but frowned at the thought of the still-missing proposal, feeling played by Dorsey International. “Ms. Brielle, what are you still doing here?” 

“Mr. Tanner, the missing proposal was my oversight, but I’m hoping you’ll give me another chance. This is the prospectus I’ve prepared for Integral Elements Inc. I hope you’ll consider it before making your decision.” 

Tanner, a man in his forties with an imposing yet efficient demeanor, looked at the thick prospectus, intrigued by its heft. “Seventy-five pages?” 

Most prospectuses 

were a few pages at best; this one was a tome. 

“It includes my analysis of Integral Elements Inc.’s operations, debt-to-equity ratio, and as 




you hold a hundred percent stake in Integral Elements Inc., you know well that the company needs this IPO opportunity.” 

The sheer volume of the seventy-five-page document was a testament to Brielle’s dedication, and it softened Tanner’s initial skepticism. 

Glancing at his watch, his expression softened further. “I have another meeting in ten 


Brielle sighed in relief and gestured for him to proceed. 


Master of His Heart Novel Full

Master of His Heart Novel Full

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Master of His Heart Novel Full

Caught in the throes of fury against her cheating fiancé, Brielle crafted a bold plot to seduce none other than his uncle. "Is my nephew not good enough for you?" Max inquired, his fingers teasingly grazing her chin. Known throughout town as The Priest, his wrist was adorned with black rosary beads. However, after one unforgettable night, Brielle uncovered a surprising truth this stoic man had a soft spot that was all too pleasing.

Master of His Heart Novel Full

Armed with her natural charm and a hint of cunning, she had the aloof Max dancing to her captivating tune. Whatever her heart desired, Max was at the ready to provide. "Oh, Max will leave her soon." "He's just playing a game. She's not here to stay." As the town of Beaconsfield eagerly awaited Brielle's fall from grace, they were oblivious to a night when Max cornered her. "Try to speak of 'divorce' one more time, Brielle."...


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