Master of His Heart Chapter 44

Master of His Heart Chapter 44

Chapter 44 

Brielle maintained a calm and composed demeanor in her professional endeavors. Having made her point, she fixed her gaze steadily on Max. 

Max offered a slight smile, his slender fingers pausing their rhythmic drumming on the table surface as he asked lightly, “And what might that be?” 

Rising gracefully to her feet, Brielle cast her presentation onto the wide screen. 

“The 80/20 Principle is something I’ve distilled from analyzing management systems at several major corporations. Please, take a look at these charts.” 

The attention in the room shifted towards the large screen, where a detailed summary was displayed. 

But what did it all really mean? 

“I ran a number of simulations on my computer and found that the optimal span of control for a manager is between 8 to 12 people. This allows them enough time to ponder strategy without being too idle. The 20 here refers to the entry-level managers-they should not have fewer than 20 people under them. Given that the tasks of ground-level employees are more uniform, some companies even have situations where there are 50 to 80 people under one manager, preventing lower-level managers from being overtasked.” 

After finishing her explanation, Brielle flipped to the next slide. 

“The 2N Rule is designed to prevent cliquishness within the company and mitigate any factional sentiment. I’ve crunched some numbers from the HR department and found that many individuals employed by Dorsey International in the past few ye 

years had extensive work experience elsewhere. The 2N Rule permits an individual to bring along only one colleague from their former workplace. More are welcome, of course, but they would be assigned to different departments.” 

As she spoke, a few brows furrowed, and someone couldn’t contain their irritation. “Brielle, is there a point to this rule? Aren’t you just trying to splinter the company?” 

Brielle’s expression remained unflustered as she switched the content on the screen once 


“This is the HR department’s personnel flow chart. If a department hires a new leader who brings a bunch of people from their old department, when that leader leaves, those individuals tend to follow, which is a significant loss for us. The 2N Rule effectively prevents this from happening.” 

The atmosphere within the conference room grew tense. Her words were simple and clear, leaving no one in the dark about their implications, but her proposed principles threatened to upend the status quo for many in management, and their displeasure was 



Many of them had secured their seats through mutual support. If group alliances were forbidden, their positions would be precarious. They gritted their teeth, their glares sharp enough to tear Brielle apart. 

Brielle felt her argument was not yet complete and added more. 

“Perhaps Mr. Dorsey could afford all managers a year to find a suitable replacement for themselves. If they fail, they should not be assigned new projects the following year. If they still haven’t found a replacement after two years, they could be asked to step down. This ensures that the management has a backup and that the departure of a high-ranking staff member won’t paralyze operations. For instance, bringing me in to replace Spencer was a very wise decision by Mr. Dorsey.” 

She ended her speech with a subtle flattery towards Max, also hinting to everyone that it was Mr. Dorsey who had placed her in her current position. Even if they resented it, they would have to stew in silence. 

After Brielle sat down, she looked openly at Max, confident and unshaken. 

Her last remarks had infuriated many. Additionally, everyone suspected that Brielle was polishing her own image, considering her position was clearly orchestrated by other members of the Dorsey family. How could Mr. Dorsey possibly have handpicked her! 

“Ms. Haywood seems to be out of touch. Find someone to replace us? How does that maintain our authority in front of the staff? You’ve just been promoted, so I bet 

you still don’t know the first thing about managing people. My advice to Ms. Haywood is to get some more hands-on experience at the ground level.” 

Brielle responded with a smile, “Selecting a backup doesn’t undermine a manager’s authority. After all, whether the substitute will take over depends on the commy’s competency and values matrix, as well as the ABC principle.” 

Her insinuation was clear. Were they questioning the directives issued by Mr. 


The objector’s face turned various shades as their lips quivered, ultimately silencin dissent in frustration. 

Outside the conference room, Tiffanie listened intently to Brielle’s statements, her 

eye. lighting up with admiration. “Spencer, I may not understand all that she’s saying, but fiancée seems to have more than a few tricks up her sleeve.” 



Master of His Heart Novel Full

Master of His Heart Novel Full

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Master of His Heart Novel Full

Caught in the throes of fury against her cheating fiancé, Brielle crafted a bold plot to seduce none other than his uncle. "Is my nephew not good enough for you?" Max inquired, his fingers teasingly grazing her chin. Known throughout town as The Priest, his wrist was adorned with black rosary beads. However, after one unforgettable night, Brielle uncovered a surprising truth this stoic man had a soft spot that was all too pleasing.

Master of His Heart Novel Full

Armed with her natural charm and a hint of cunning, she had the aloof Max dancing to her captivating tune. Whatever her heart desired, Max was at the ready to provide. "Oh, Max will leave her soon." "He's just playing a game. She's not here to stay." As the town of Beaconsfield eagerly awaited Brielle's fall from grace, they were oblivious to a night when Max cornered her. "Try to speak of 'divorce' one more time, Brielle."...


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