The Billionaire’s Incredibly Talented Wife by Mamie Marshall Chapter 24

The Billionaire’s Incredibly Talented Wife by Mamie Marshall Chapter 24

Chapter 24 

Tom grew more intense in his insults and said, “Women are born to serve men and to be played with by men. What great achievements can women. make? They can only rely on men throughout their lives!” 

Alina said with an ugly expression. “Women were never dependent on men. Every woman is an independent entity. We will live much better without men! 

“As a disgusting creature, you are not even worth the bugs in the sewer. There’s no use for that thing under your groin, let me get rid of it for you!” 

Upon hearing these words, Tom disregarded the pain in his wrist and. jumped up, exclaiming, “How dare you!” 

Alina raised her leg and was going to kick at Tom’s groin. Tom rushed backward and ordered others. 

“Come and take down this woman. Give me my treasure, I want her to pay for this tonight!” 

The people who came with Tom tried to restrain Alina, however, she was agile and didn’t give them a chance. 

The two girls on the side did not seem that they wanted to help Alina. After all, they knew that Bonnie sent them over to accompany Tom and get him to sign the contract. 

Alina grabbed the two girls. “You two, run!” 

She would not let Tom get what he wanted as long as she was there. 

However, the two girls did not move and even tried to persuade Alina. 

“Ms. Chavez, if we failed to have him sign the contract, Mr. Sutton would definitely not let us off the hook!” 

“Ms. Chavez, since Mr. Werne likes you so much, what about you go spend. the night with him? He won’t care about this if he is satisfied!” 

After all, Bonnie had promised a large amount of money to them. They 

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Chapter 21 

could not reject the deal. 

Additionally, they heard from others who had done this before that Tom was quite generous. All the women who spent a night with him were gifted with many things. 

Alina did not expect these two girls to take the side of the company. Tom was not a young person. He was old enough to be the father to both of them! 

“It’s because of attitudes like yours that he disrespects women. Are you two really willing to accept that?” 

As soon as Alina finished speaking, she smelled a wave of mysterious fragrance. She tried to hold her breath, however, she already had taken in a bit of the fragrance. 

One of the girls grabbed her by the arm and wanted to continue to persuade her. 

“Ms. Chavez, how did you not realize this yet? No matter whether we want to or not, we will not be able to leave here tonight. 

“Moreover, Ms. Sutton had sent you here because you are Mr. Werne’s type!” 

The other girl looked helpless and said, “Ms. Chavez, we don’t want to do this either. However, we have no other choices.” 

Alina looked at the two of them in disbelief. She started feeling dizzy. 

On the other side, Tom was smiling mischievously. It seemed that he was saying that there was no way for Alina to escape here tonight. 

There were many women who were unwilling. However, he had a special drug, which was his secret weapon! 

After he finished what he wanted to do, he would give the woman a lot of 

, or try to shut them up with other ways. 

He had a lot of influence. Even if someone refused to take his money and reported him, he has connections with powerful people, so nothing would 


happen to him. The victims couldn’t do anything to him and had to Compromise with him eventually. 

“What a feisty woman. I like that. I will make you feel great tonight…” 

“Bang!” A loud sound rang out. 

Alina grabbed a wine bottle and smashed it on Tom’s head. 

As a result of the impact, blood instantly streamed down from Tom’s forehead. 

Everyone else in the room was shocked as they didn’t expect Alina to be so bold. 

While everyone was stunned and then rushed to check up on Tom, Alinal quickly left the room. 

Tom was infuriated and yelled. “Everyone, go after that woman now!” 

He couldn’t let his prey slip away like that. 

His head was bleeding and his wrist was broken by Alina. He would not give up unless Alina paid the price for it tonight. 

He was never treated like this before. Not only was he going to make Alina. pay tonight, but he would also have his subordinates do all kinds of things to her! 

Tom’s subordinates quickly went after Alina. She heard the commotion coming from behind her. Alina felt more and more dizzying. If she ended. up getting caught, she could not imagine what Tom would do to her. 

With no way to escape, Alina heard the voices of those people getting closer. In a dazed state, she stumbled and opened the door of a nearby private room. 

It was pitch black in the room. She could not see anything. 

Before she could react, a hand grabbed her wrist, and a hot body pressed against her. 

The Billionaire’s Incredibly Talented Wife by Mamie Marshall

The Billionaire’s Incredibly Talented Wife by Mamie Marshall

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💔💔💔Forced into divorce and an early delivery, Diana left with her heartbroken. Five years later, she returns in splendor with her genius child, inherits a vast fortune. Those who had despised and hurt her will burning in the flame of her vengeance.However, her divorced husband, Johnny, kneels before her, begging: "Darling, please let me make up to you with my whole life..."
The Billionaire’s Incredibly Talented Wife by Mamie Marshall

"Mrs. Sutton, your baby is healthy, and you are due next month. You mentioned having continuous blood draws, but you can't keep doing that. It's a risk to your baby and your own life!" Diana Sutton stepped out of the hospital, gently cradling her nine-month baby bump, a glow of happiness on her face. She held her phone, snapping pics from her checkup, texting her husband, [Hey hon, this is our baby.] It was a set of adorable triplets. [Can you swing by and pick me up, hon? Everyone else has someone with them during checkups. I miss you so much, hon.] But Diana waited for what felt like an eternity without a response from Johnny. Slowly, the sparkle in her eyes faded, the smile on her lips gradually vanished, and disappointment etched itself onto her face involuntarily. A year ago, Johnny Sutton found her and brought her home. When Johnny discovered her, her face had been disfigured in an accident, half covered in scars, and she had lost her memory. After a visit to the hospital, doctors determined that her mental capacity was equivalent to that of a five-year-old. So, Johnny called her "little fool" and gave her the name Diana Sutton, considering she had forgotten her own. Johnny's grandma, Zelda Sutton, in failing health, wanted to see Johnny settled before she left. Some fortune-teller claimed Diana and Johnny were destined.


Under Zelda's push, they tied the knot. Zelda's health took a nosedive again, yearning to hold her grandchild before her time was up. So, Diana ended up carrying Johnny's baby, now nine months in. Johnny was her world this past year. Diana, seeing no response from Johnny, contemplated calling him herself but felt a twinge of hesitation. She wasn't sure if Johnny would be upset. After wrestling with this in her mind for a long while, she finally gathered her resolve and dialed his number. The call connected after a long while, met with an impatient voice. "hecko? Didn't I say not to bother me unless it's urgent?" "Hon, just finished my checkup at the hospital. Can you...?" Another woman's voice chimed in on the line. "Johnny, do you think I look good like this?" Diana's heart skipped a beat. The moment she heard that voice, she recognized who it was. It was Barbara, Johnny's first love. The woman Johnny loved the most. "Stunning," Johnny said to Barbara, his tone carrying a tenderness Diana had never heard before. But when Johnny spoke to Diana, that voice turned cold. "No time. Have the chauffeur pick you up. Rethink about our divorce." He hung up without any mercy. Clutching her phone, Diana wore an expression of loss and confusion. In no time, a car pulled up at the hospital. "Mrs. Sutton, Mr. Sutton sent me to fetch you." Diana got in, the car rolling off. But soon, she felt something wasn't right. The car wasn't heading towards her home but instead veering towards an extremely remote area. The surroundings grew increasingly desolate, with fewer signs of life. Diana couldn't help but feel a rising sense of panic. She didn't understand why the car was headed toward such an isolated place. 'Why is this place so remote?' thought Diana. "Where are we going? Aren't we heading home?" Diana panicked.


"Mr. Sutton instructed us to take you somewhere." The driver kept driving, Diana's eyelids twitching, an unspoken sense of panic brewing. Something felt terribly off. She called Johnny, but no one picked up. The driver stopped at an abandoned warehouse, and Diana hesitated to step out. "This isn't my home. What are you guys up to?" Several people yanked her out of the car. "Don't blame us. We're just following Mr. Sutton's orders." They gripped Diana's hand, shouting, "Sign this!" Diana saw it was a divorce agreement. She struggled, yelling, "You're lying! Johnny hasn't signed it. I won't sign! I won't!" "Your scarred face isn't going to attract Mr. Sutton. You really think he cares about you?" "I want to call my husband. I don't believe you!" She refused to sign, trusting only Johnny. Others laughed. "Let me call him for you." Soon, the call connected, but before Diana could speak, she overheard a conversation. "Johnny, the doctors said the blood transfusion isn't effective anymore. The surgery needs to happen soon." "I'll make sure Diana delivers the baby quickly. Your blood types match. Her cord blood can save you." They hung up. "You heard that? That's Mr. Sutton's intention. Now we need your umbilical cord!" "Get her!" Diana clutched her belly. "No, don't hurt my baby!" But she stood no chance against them. Agonizing pain surged through her, as if someone was ripping flesh out of her body. Diana bit her lip. She couldn't give up. She had to protect her baby. Suddenly, a thunderous sound from the sky made the attackers panic. "Run, someone's coming!" They tossed a lighter into prepared dry grtootshie, and flames engulfed the warehouse. With barely any consciousness left, Diana watched herself consumed by the inferno. Now, she understood. Johnny had deceived her into these blood draws to save another woman. He made her pregnant for the same reason.


She couldn't comprehend why Johnny treated her this way. In a haze, she heard a voice. "Alina, my sweetheart, Grandpa's here to save you. I'm sorry I'm late." After those attackers left the warehouse, cradling the child, they called Barbara. "Ms. Hersey, everything's done as per your instructions." Barbara's eyes gleamed maliciously. "Good, she signed the divorce papers too, right? That fool has to die, and then bring the child to me." "Yes, and it's twins." "Make sure Johnny never finds out about this, or your time is up!" "No problem, but regarding what we did to get these two kids for you, could you raise the payment..." Before he could finish, he looked terrified at someone in front of him. The other person abruptly ended the call, extending a threatening hand. "Give me the children." Meanwhile, Johnny received a call from the chauffeur. "What do you mean you didn't find Diana?"


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