The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man Chapter 13

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Retribution. 

Chapter 13 

Five years ago, Finnegan left home and met his mentor in Bellridge. He was then 

brought to Xanfield. 

His mentor only passed the Primordial Pharmacopoeia down to him, taught him for a 

year, and then poisoned him, demanding that he remove it all before returning home. 

Eventually, his mentor went on a journey to explore the world. 

Finnegan now knew that his mentor’s name was Sawyer Aiello, also known as the 

Eternal Medicine God. 


As for the rest, Finnegan was not sure and hadn’t investigated it. Before leaving, Sawyer 

said that when Finnegan removed the poison and returned home, the former would 

come to the latter and reveal the truth about some matters. 

So in the past few years, Finnegan had been diligently practicing his cultivation, 

Chapter 13 Retribution 

removing the poison from his body, and practicing medicine by treating patients who 

come to him for help. 


Upon hearing Finnegan’s response, the Zimmerman family knew the man was reluctant 

to say much. 

Hence, they did not probe further too. 

As the banquet was about to end, the housekeeper came to report. “Mr. and Mrs. 

Zimmerman, the son and daughter of the Miles family has arrived.” 

“Are you referring to Trey and Sasha Miles?” Patrick asked. 

“Yes, Mr. Zimmerman.” 

Upon confirming the identity of the visitors, Patrick couldn’t help but wonder about the 

reason for the two young members of the Miles family’s appearance since he did not 

Chapter 19 Retribution 

even have much interaction with their father before. 


Despite his curiosity, Patrick still had his housekeeper invite the guests in, considering 

that they all belonged to the same circle in Jadeborough. 

Soon, the young man and woman entered the living room. 

The male was tall, handsome, and exuded youthful confidence with every move. The 

female was also strikingly beautiful; the black dress she had on accentuated her tall 

and slender figure. She was almost as attractive as Bernice. 

Bernice whispered in Finnegan’s ear, “The man is Trey, and the woman is Sasha. They 

are the children of Jadeborough’s wealthiest man, Gilbert Miles, and their family also 

lives in Xendale.” 

Finnegan murmured a casual “oh” and didn’t show much emotion. 

Chapter 13 Retribution 

His calmness caused Bernice to be surprised, as most people would be taken aback 

upon hearing about the children of a wealthy family. 


“Greetings, Mr. Zimmerman.” The siblings came forward politely to greet Patrick. As for 

the others, the duo didn’t even glance at them. 

Feeling their arrogance, Patrick held back his displeasure and asked, “What brings you 

to my home, Mr. and Ms. Miles?” 

Trey replied, “Mr. Zimmerman, we’ve come to the Zimmerman residence to look for 


“You are looking for someone?” 

Sasha glanced at Bernice from the corner of her eye and took over the conversation for 

her brother. “Mr. Zimmerman, we know that when your daughter was unconscious for 

over a month, many medical experts were unable to help her. We would like to know 

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Chapter 13 Retribution 


who woke her up. My father is having some health issues, and we would like to ask for 

help from this medical expert.” 

Finnegan narrowed his eyes and looked at Sasha for the first time. 

He wasn’t surprised that the Miles siblings were looking for him. Finnegan reacted 

because he recognized Sasha’s voice. She was the owner of the Maserati that almost. 

bit him. 

Even though he did not see her face, he could never forget her voice. 

Upon learning that the Miles siblings were looking for Finnegan, the three members of 

the Zimmerman family all turned to look at him. 

The Miles siblings followed their gazes and saw Finnegan.. 

Sasha immediately recognized the man. “What are you doing here?” she asked, still 

Chapter 13 Retribution 

infuriated that she had almost gotten into a car accident because. 

rushing to see her father. 

“Finnegan, do you know Ms. Miles?” Bernice asked in surprise. 


him when she was 

The man smiled. “I don’t know her, but I almost got hit by Ms. Miles’ car when I came 

here. But now it seems that I was the one who was in the wrong!” 

“I was in a hurry to go back and see my father, and I already compensated you for the 

damages,” retorted Sasha with a look of annoyance. 

The Zimmerman family’s expression turned solemn as they pondered whether to tell 

Sasha that the person they were looking for was none other than Finnegan. 

“Do you think that compensation can solve the matter, Ms. Miles?” Finnegan 


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Chapter 13 Retribution 

“How can it not solve the matter?” she challenged. 


After hearing the woman’s shameless response, Finnegan replied with a hint of playful 

mockery, “Oh, I see. I’ve learned something new today.” 

Suddenly, he picked up the ashtray on the coffee table and pretended to smash it at 


The woman was petrified; she immediately covered her head with her hands to protect 

herself. Unfortunately, she slipped and landed on the ground. 

“What the heck are you doing?” Trey bellowed as he rushed over to help his sister. 

Finnegan, who had tried to scare her, put down the ashtray and casually threw the 

stack of cash from his pocket onto the ground. “According to Ms. Miles’ logic, there’s 

no need to apologize for scaring people as long as you pay some money. So I’m 

compensating for my behavior. Mr. Miles, don’t get angry. Otherwise, you’ll be a 

Chapter 13 Retribution 


Trey was left speechless, and he reluctantly glanced at his sister. 

Since Finnegan was just following Sasha’s logic, he had no reason to scold him. 


Feeling the pain from the fall, Sasha shouted, “You jerk! How dare you trick me? Who do 

you think you are? Are you even worthy to compare yourself to me?” 

Finnegan sneered and sat down, not planning to respond to her. 

Seeing that the conflict was about to escalate, Patrick cleared his throat and 

interjected, “Ms. Miles, you scared Finnegan while you were driving earlier. Now that he 

has scared you, you’re even. All of you are young people; let’s not be so petty.” 

Since they were still at the Zimmerman residence and needed the Zimmermans’ help, 

Trey quickly stopped his sister from another outburst. She was clearly embarrassed 

Chapter 13 Retribution 

and angry beyond words. 


Trey said stiffly, “Mr. Zimmerman, could you introduce us to the expert who woke Ms. 

Zimmerman? He was able to save her when many experts could not. Hence, he might 

be able to cure my father’s old ailment.” 

Patrick smiled awkwardly. “Even if I introduce him to you, I don’t think he would be 

willing to treat Mr. Miles.” 

He remembered how he was made to kneel and apologize to Finnegan because he had 

disrespected him. It did not matter if he was Bernice’s father. 

Given Sasha’s rude attitude toward Finnegan earlier, it was useless to tell Trey the truth. 

Based on Finnegan’s style of doing things, the consequences would be dire. 

After glaring at Finnegan, Sasha proudly declared, “Mr. Zimmerman, there are no 

experts in this world who cannot be bought. If we can’t hire him, it just means the price 

Chapter 13 Retribution 

is not high enough. So all you need to do is tell us!” 


Patrick glanced at the siblings and sighed inwardly. “Well, I guess you can try. The one 

who revived Bernie was Finnegan Larkin.” 

What did he say? 

The siblings looked at Finnegan in unison, their expressions changing slightly. 

It may seem like Patrick was joking, but they also understood that there was no need 

for the man to tease them. 

Sasha scowled and sneered, “It was you?” 

After taking a sip of his coffee, Finnegan responded, “Why couldn’t it be me?” 

The woman grabbed her brother’s arm and said, “Let’s go, Trey. We can only blame our 

Chapter 13 Retribution 

bad luck if it really was him, but I don’t believe he is more capable than the other 

experts. He might even be less capable than the people at the National Medical 



Trey had the same reaction as his sister when he learned that the expert was Finnegan. 

However, he was a little more restrained than her. He nodded to Patrick and said, “Mr. 

Zimmerman, we won’t disturb you then.” 

After watching the Miles siblings leave, Bernice smiled and said, “Finnegan, in the 

whole of Jadeborough, I think only you dare to challenge Sasha.” 

Finnegan replied calmly, “If you constantly mess with others, you’ll be faced with 

retribution one day!” 

Patrick and his wife looked at the man and then at each other. After the incident just 

now, their perception of him had changed slightly. 

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The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

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In an electrifying saga of bravery and heartbreak, Finnegan, the savior of a damsel in distress, found himself ensnared in a vengeful trap set by a powerful scion. Forced to flee to a distant land, he left behind all he cherished. After five tumultuous years, Finnegan seethed with fury as he returned home, only to witness a devastating scene. His family, once thriving, now lay in ruins, their fortune squandered, and his father left crippled by the scion's wicked machinations.

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

In an electrifying saga of bravery and heartbreak, Finnegan, the savior of a damsel in distress, found himself ensnared in a vengeful trap set by a powerful scion. Forced to flee to a distant land, he left behind all he cherished. After five tumultuous years, Finnegan seethed with fury as he returned home, only to witness a devastating scene. His family, once thriving, now lay in ruins, their fortune squandered, and his father left crippled by the scion's wicked machinations.


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