The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man Chapter 16

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Kneel Before Him 

Chapter 16 

Kathleen had to reel in from the confusion when she saw the caller’s number before 

she could pick up the call. 

Her expression changed while she was on the call, and she kept glancing at Finnegan. 

A solemn look crossed her face. 

Upon ending the call, Kathleen sighed and said, “Kneel before Mr. Larkin and apologize 

to him.” 


Sasha thought she had misheard Kathleen. “Mom, what did you just say?” 

Trey and Bernice were baffled. They were wondering why Kathleen was asking Sasha 

to go on her knees after answering a call. 

Chapter 16 Knnel Defore Him 

However, Kathleen gave no explanation as she said, “Kneel, or I’ll kick you out of the 

Miles family on behalf of your father!” 

Her words stunned everyone present. 

Tears sprang to Sasha’s eyes as she cried out, “I hate you, Mom!” 


Then, she bent her knees and kneeled before Finnegan, Unprecedented humiliation 

crashed into her as she squeezed out, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have offended you. Please 

forgive me!” 

Kathleen was not happy to see her daughter on her knees, but the memory of the call 

from earlier made her collect herself. 

“Is that enough, Mr. Larkin?” 

Complicated feelings washed over Bernice as she looked at Finnegan. Finnegan was 

Chapter 16 Kneel Before Him 


certainly the first person in Jadeborough who could force the Miles family to this point. 

Yet, Finnegan merely shrugged and started walking away. “If you kneel until the next 

evening, I’ll consider lending a helping hand to the Miles family once.” 

The rest of the people were silent as they watched Finnegan leave. 

Only when she could no longer see Finnegan did Bernice mutter, “Mrs. Miles, I’ll take my 

leave first.” 

It did not seem right for her to stick around, and she also wanted to get answers to her 

confusion from her father. 

Trey’s heart ached when he saw how his sister was crying. He said, “Mom, let Sashie 

stand up.” 

“Let her kneel.” 

Chapter 16 Kiteel Before Him 

Sasha snapped her head upward as her eyes reddened even more. “Mom, why?” 

She had never suffered such misery in her life before, and her mother had never been 

this cruel to her before as well. 

Kathleen bitterly said, “Alisha called me earlier.” 

Sasha wiped her tears and queried, “Alisha?” 


The Miles family were good friends with the Wahlstrom family. In fact, Theoden was the 

one who named her, and part of her name was the same as Alisha’s. 

Trey then asked, “Mom, did you ask Sashie to kneel before Finnegan because of 


There were no outsiders around anymore, so Kathleen nodded and said to her children, 

“Alisha said to accept any request Finnegan has. If Finnegan gets upset, Old Mr. 

Chapter 16 Kneel Before Him 


Wahlstrom is going to cut ties with the Miles family. She even said he’s going to crush 

the Miles family if that happens!” 

The siblings paled, and Sasha’s tears abruptly stopped falling. 

Isn’t he from a normal family? How is he making the head of Walund’s underworld so 

protective of him to the point of threatening to cut ties with the Miles family if we were 

to upset him? 

Meanwhile, Finnegan was already in Alisha’s car. 

He glanced at the sensual woman, who was, once again, in an alluring red dress. With a 

curl of his lips, Finnegan said, “You were the one who called Mrs. Miles, weren’t you?” 

Kathleen wouldn’t have changed her demeanor so quickly otherwise. 

Alisha blinked and answered, “Mr. Larkin, you’re not angry, are you?” 

18.46 Fr. Ján 

Chapter 16 Kneel Before Him 


Finnegan turned to look out the window when he realized she was trying to charm him. 

“Are your families close with each other?” 

“Not exactly.” Alisha gloomily looked away when she realized Finnegan was avoiding 

her advances again. “But Old Mr. Miles once lent a helping hand to my grandpa when 

he was in his toughest times, so our families visit each other on New Year. That’s why I 

wanted to mediate between you and the Miles family when I realized there was a 

conflict between you two. I was hoping to save the Wahlstrom family from the eventual 


If she did not intervene, the Wahlstrom family would eventually have to side with 

Finnegan. The conflict between the Wahlstrom family and the Miles family would be 

inevitable at that point. 

Finnegan nodded and closed his eyes. 

As long as Sasha obediently remained kneeling until the next evening, he would not 

18:47 FIL ан 

Chapter 16 Kneel Belare Him 

fully hold the Miles family accountable for what they had done. 


When Alisha heard nothing else from Finnegan, she deliberately uttered in a 

high-pitched voice, “Mr. Larkin, the night is still young. Why don’t we go somewhere and 

have a drink?” 

Her grandfather had ordered her to sleep with Finnegan. If she failed at her task, her 

allowance would be cut by ninety percent. 

Although she did not know why her grandfather was so adamant about that, she 

believed her grandfather would not ask her to do anything that would harm her. 

Furthermore, she did not mind hooking up with Finnegan, who had decent looks. 

Finnegan opened his eyes and responded without missing a beat, “Forget it. I’m afraid. 

you might take advantage of me.” 

Alisha rolled her eyes and grumbled, “You hurt my feelings, Mr. Larkin.” 

18:47 Fn, Jan 

Chapter 16 Kneel Bélore Him 

“Better than having you tire me out.” 


The seduction attempt failed, and Alisha had no choice but to send Finnegan back. She 

let him out of the car at the junction a hundred meters away from the Larkin residence. 

Then, Finnegan walked home while Alisha watched with dissatisfaction. 

However, he halted in his tracks when he was a dozen of meters away from his home. 

Arching his brow, he then walked toward the left alley as he muttered under his breath, 

“I drank too much. I really need to relieve myself.” 

Once he stepped into the alley, he began relieving himself while facing the wall. 

Several sets of footsteps abruptly sounded out behind him, and a few men appeared. 

One was wearing a black tank top, his muscles bulging. He seemed physically 


Chapter 16 Kneel Before Him 

The look in his eyes was stern and vicious, and he had a dark expression on his face. 


Pulling up his pants, Finnegan turned around and said, “It looks like you’ve been waiting 

around my place for a long time. 

Oscar Goldberg froze before sneering. “So you’re saying that you lured us here?” 

Finnegan nodded. “There are 

still some tenants who have yet to move away. It would 

be bad to frighten them. Still, is this all the Chomsky family has got? You only brought 

five people to take me down?” 

The only group he had a conflict with within the entire Jadeborough was the Chomsky 

family, so Finnegan was certain that the Chomskys had sent those people.. 

Oscar was impressed, and he said, “No wonder you dared to lay a finger on Mr. Killian. It 

seems like you have some brains and some skills. Nonetheless, you’re too arrogant. 

You mustn’t be this arrogant around me!” 

18:47 FH. 


16 Kneel Before Him 


He had been a disciple of a master fighter, and he was capable enough to easily defeat 

hundred people on his own. That was why Tristan spent ten million every year to keep 

him working under the Chomskys. 

It was also why Oscar did not think Finnegan was a threat despite hearing that 

Finnegan seemed like a talented individual. 

Finnegan shook his head and chucked. He did not want to waste his breath arguing 

with Oscar about that. “Tristan must have other instructions for you, right? I noticed 

that you didn’t strike immediately.” 

Oscar dropped his smile and said, “Mr. Chomsky has asked me to give you 

First choice: You’ll come back with me and cure Mr. Killian. Second choice: I’l 

your legs and bring you back to cure Mr. Killian. Also, you can’t say that Mr. Killian 


condition has nothing to do with you. We’ve done our research.” 

Finnegan narrowed his eyes and responded, “But I want neither choice, and I’ll never 

Chapter 16 Kneel Before Him 

cure Killian. 


An icy look manifested on Oscar’s face. “It looks like I’ll have to make a choice for your 


The five men in black who came with Oscar instantly darted toward Finnegan. One 

threw his fist at Finnegan in a vicious manner. They were certainly more proficient in a 

fight than ordinary gangsters. 

Finnegan immediately stopped smiling and dodged it. The one who swung his fist 

never expected Finnegan to respond so quickly. Unable to retract his punch, he ended 

up slamming his fist against the wall, and he inhaled sharply from the pain. 

In the next second, Finnegan punched him in the face, breaking the bridge of his nose. 

Blood spurted out of his nose like a jet of water, and he fell to the ground with at 


18:47 Fri, Jan 12 

Chapter 16 Kneel Before Him 

Oscar was momentarily astonished. “No wonder he sent me here. It looks like I’m up 

against someone powerful.”

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

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In an electrifying saga of bravery and heartbreak, Finnegan, the savior of a damsel in distress, found himself ensnared in a vengeful trap set by a powerful scion. Forced to flee to a distant land, he left behind all he cherished. After five tumultuous years, Finnegan seethed with fury as he returned home, only to witness a devastating scene. His family, once thriving, now lay in ruins, their fortune squandered, and his father left crippled by the scion's wicked machinations.

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

In an electrifying saga of bravery and heartbreak, Finnegan, the savior of a damsel in distress, found himself ensnared in a vengeful trap set by a powerful scion. Forced to flee to a distant land, he left behind all he cherished. After five tumultuous years, Finnegan seethed with fury as he returned home, only to witness a devastating scene. His family, once thriving, now lay in ruins, their fortune squandered, and his father left crippled by the scion's wicked machinations.


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