The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man Chapter 21

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Token of Appreciation 

Chapter 21 

After Finnegan taught Gilbert several breathing exercises, he was warmly invited by the 

Miles family to stay for dinner with Alexander and the rest. 

Once the meal was over, a cheerful Gilbert began chatting with Trey and Sasha. “It was 

very generous of Mr. Larkin not to hold a grudge and agree to treat me. From now 

onward, you guys must treat him with the utmost respect. Do you hear me?” 

Knowing there was a good chance that Finnegan could cure their father, the two 

siblings knew better than to stir up any more trouble. 

Even Sasha, who previously resented Gilbert, could no longer bring herself to hate him. 

“My brother and I are deeply sorry about our behavior yesterday, Mr. Larkin. Please 

forgive us.” 

“That’s all in the past now,” Finnegan replied, waving it off without a second thought. 

Chapter 21 Token of Appreciation 

The next second, Gilbert shot a look at Kathleen, who instantly got his hint. 

She handed several access cards, keys, and a purple-gold card to her husband, who, in 

turn, passed them to Finnegan. 

“Mr. Larkin, here are the keys and access cards to Dragon Bay’s No. 1 Villa and a Miles 

Group premium membership card,” Gilbert said. “With this card, you can enjoy any 

services from Miles Group for free, including those of its subsidiaries. I do hope you’ll 

accept my token of appreciation!” 

Needless to say, Alexander and the others were shocked beyond words. 

After all, Dragon Bay was one of Jadeborough’s most luxurious beachfront estates, with 

house prices starting at a minimum of one hundred thousand per square foot. No. 1 

Villa, as it turned out, was the most expensive of them all. When the Langdons- 

Nuthana’s wealthiest family-completed the residential project two years ago, Gilbert 

immediately purchased the villa for six hundred million. 

Chapter 21 Token of Appreciation 

Now, it was conservatively estimated at a whopping one billion! 

In addition, Finnegan also had a premium membership card that allowed him to use 

any of Miles Group’s services for free. 

One thing was for sure-the Miles family’s reward to Finnegan had far exceeded one 



Despite that, Finnegan didn’t seem overly surprised or emotional. “This is too much, Mr. 

Miles. I agreed to help you because you’re Jadeborough’s most charitable man.” 

“Please accept it, Mr. Larkin,” Kathleen chimed in. “Nothing is more valuable than 

having Gilbert alive and living well. Besides, I heard that your house is about to be 

demolished. With this villa, you won’t have to worry about looking for other 


Gilbert quickly nodded in agreement. “That’s right, Mr. Larkin. Please accept my token 

1849 FM Jan 12 

Chapter 21 Taken Of Anpreciation 

of appreciation.” 

Upon thinking about how miserable his parents were, Finnegan decided not to turn 

down the Mileses” kind gesture. “In that case, thank you very much.” 


Hmm… The reward may be huge, but as they said, it’s nothing compared to Gilbert’s life 

and death. 

Seeing that Finnegan had accepted his gifts, Gilbert finally broke into a smile. “We’ve 

already notified the staff at Dragon Bay. You and your family can move in anytime, Mr. 


Just then, Alexander sheepishly spoke up. “I have a small favor to ask of you, Mr. 

Larkin. I hope you’ll agree to it.” 

“Fire away, Dr. Cooper.” 

Chapter 21 Token Of Appreciation 


“It’s the same as what we’ve discussed before… I wish to invite you to work at General 

n your 

Hospital, Mr. Larkin. medical skills, you’d be able to help many more patients 


“My answer is also the same as before, Dr. Cooper.” 

“If you don’t want to be an attending physician, our hospital can hire you as a 

_consultant instead,” Alexander hastily replied. “You can also choose to show up only for 

special medical cases.” 

The other specialists couldn’t help but exchange complicated looks. Huh? Why have 

we never been given such special treatment before? 

Alexander seemed so genuinely warm and sincere that Finnegan gave the offer a 

second thought. “Well, that does sound doable. However, I don’t have a medical license, 

so you might need to help me get one. Furthermore, I want absolute freedom… I get to 

decide who I want t 


18:49 Fri, Jan 12 

Chapter 21 Token of Appreciation 

The clinic hasn’t opened yet, and Dad and Mom are getting worried about my job 


prospects. Since I can’t tell them much for now, getting a job as a consultant at General 

Hospital would, at the very least, ease their concerns. Besides, I’d also need a medical 

license to run my clinic, and Alexander can use his position as president of 

Jadeborough Medical Association to help me with it! 

“Sure! No problem at all!” Alexander replied cheerily, happy to have finally convinced 

Finnegan. “I’ll have my staff prepare a private office for you tomorrow!” 

By the time Finnegan got home, it was already past ten o’clock. 

Rhiannon had already returned to school as the following day was a Monday, but 

Finnegan couldn’t figure out what his parents were poring over so intently. 

“Dad, Mom, what are you guys looking at?” 

Quiana motioned her son to sit down before handing him a pile of real estate leaflets. 

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Chapter 21 Token Of Anpreciation 


“Earlier this evening, the people from Tristan Properties came by again and offered us 

proper relocation compensation of more than four million. Your father and I have 

signed the agreement, so we’re now looking at houses to buy. We’ve set our sights on 

one in the suburbs, which costs around three million, and you can use the remaining 

money as a downpayment for a new house. That way, it’d be easier for you to find a 

wife in the future. Take a look. Which residential area would you be interested in?” 

For a moment, Finnegan was speechless. Wow. Who knew Tristan would act on his 

decision so soon? More importantly, I can’t believe Dad and Mom have started thinking 

about getting me a house and planning for my future. 

His parents’ gesture touched him, yet at the same time, he couldn’t stop himself from 

smiling wryly. “Dad, Mom, you can keep the compensation for yourselves. I’ve already 

bought a house, and we’ll move in when I’m back from Bellridge.” 

Dragon Bay’s No. 1 Villa is officially mine, anyway. I shall bring Dad and Mom over when 

Old Mr. Langdon’s treatment is completed. With that said, how do I break the truth to 

18:49 Fri, Jan 12 


Chapter 21 Token Of Apreciation 

them without scaring them? Everyone knows the No. 1 Villa is worth at least a billion. 


Despite not knowing the details, Desmond and Quiana still exchanged disbelieving 

glances in stunned silence. 

“Finny, you bought a house?” Quiana asked. “When did that happen, and how did you. 

afford it?” 

“I’ve been saving money I earned from treating patients over the years, and earlier 

tonight, I had the opportunity to treat Jadeborough’s wealthiest man, Gilbert Miles. He 

knew we needed to relocate as soon as possible, so he rewarded me by selling me a 

house for a very low price,” Finnegan explained. 

Well, I guess they don’t have to know that the house in question is Dragon Bay’s No. 1 


Upon hearing that, Desmond heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s my son! He’s as capable as 


Chapter 21 Token of Appreciation 


me! It’s one thing to be skilled in medicine but quite another to treat a big shot like Mr. 


Quiana rolled her eyes at her husband. “Oh, for goodness’ sake, you aren’t as capable as 

Finny. You couldn’t have bought a house at his age.” 

“In any case, this proves that my genes are excellent. Why else would Finny be so 


“Desmond Larkin, you’re becoming more and more narcissistic!” 

Seeing how his parents were playfully teasing each other, Finnegan chuckled. “I have 

another piece of good news. The director of General Hospital saw how I treated Mr. 

Miles and offered me a consultant role. You guys don’t have to worry about my job 

prospects anymore.” 

Needless to say, Desmond was ecstatic. “Good! Oh, this is just wonderful. All you need 

1849 Fr. Jan 12 

Chapter 21 Token Of Agreciation 


to do now is get yourself a girlfriend. That way, your mother and I won’t have to wor 


about anything else.” 

Quiana, on the other hand, instantly turned solemn. “Finny, now that our social status is 

gradually improving and you’ve become so skilled, you mustn’t let Rhia’s senior slip 


“… I’m returning to my room now,” Finnegan muttered as he sprang up from his chair in 

a panic. “You guys should have an early night too. Goodnight.” 

“Oh, that little brat! He’s always avoiding the topic of finding a girlfriend.” 

Back in his room, Finnegan hastily closed the door, afraid that his parents might pes 

him to get married soon. 

All of a sudden, his phone rang. 

Chapter 21 Token of Appreciation 


“Huh? Bernice? Why is she calling me at this hour?” he mumbled before answering it. 

Bernice’s voice immediately rang out from the other end. “Hey, Finnegan, are you free 

tomorrow? There’s a place I want to bring you to.” 

“What’s the matter?” Finnegan replied as images of a flawlessly beautiful Bernice 

began flooding his mind. “I might only be free at noon.” 

“In that case, I’ll contact you again tomorrow. You’ll find out, then!” 

With that, Bernice ended the call, leaving Finnegan shocked and speechless. “But I 

never agreed to it!”

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

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In an electrifying saga of bravery and heartbreak, Finnegan, the savior of a damsel in distress, found himself ensnared in a vengeful trap set by a powerful scion. Forced to flee to a distant land, he left behind all he cherished. After five tumultuous years, Finnegan seethed with fury as he returned home, only to witness a devastating scene. His family, once thriving, now lay in ruins, their fortune squandered, and his father left crippled by the scion's wicked machinations.

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

In an electrifying saga of bravery and heartbreak, Finnegan, the savior of a damsel in distress, found himself ensnared in a vengeful trap set by a powerful scion. Forced to flee to a distant land, he left behind all he cherished. After five tumultuous years, Finnegan seethed with fury as he returned home, only to witness a devastating scene. His family, once thriving, now lay in ruins, their fortune squandered, and his father left crippled by the scion's wicked machinations.


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