The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man Chapter 41

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Chased Away 

Chapter 41 

“Are we dressed too casually? Will we embarrass Raymond and his family?” 



Upon arriving at Goldarch Hotel, Quiana felt a little unconfident and out of place as she 

noticed the endless stream of guests entering the hotel. 

Desmond, who was seated in a wheelchair and being pushed by Finnegan, comforted 

his wife, “It’s all right. Raymond and his family won’t think like that. Others’ opinions. 

don’t matter either.” 

Finnegan thought inwardly that Raymond and his family were actually the most 

sardonic. They must’ve invited us over today to flaunt their wealth and put us to shame. 

Nevertheless, he didn’t utter those words before his parents. “Mom, Dad, let’s go in for 

now since we’re already here.” 

03 Mon, Jan 15 

Chapter 41 Chased Away 

The trio followed the crowd and walked toward the hotel’s entranc 



Ximena, who had meticulously preened herself, and Yosef who was clad in 

But were 

welcoming the guests. Standing beside Yosef was his father, Yahir Haimowitz. The 

latter had to be there because Winston would be attending the event in person. 

Ximena’s parents and brother were nowhere to be seen, as they had most likely entered 

the venue. 

“Uncle Desmond, Aunt Quiana, Finny, you’re here.” 

Ximena perceptively noticed Finnegan and his family. Her eyes lit up instantaneously, 

and she even straightened her back as a haughty look spread across her face. 

Desmond and Quiana both smiled and replied, “Ximena, congratulations on your 


17:03 Mon, Jan 15 

Chapter 41 Chased Away 


However, Ximena merely hummed in acknowledgment before saying, “Yosef, this is my 

Uncle Desmond and Aunt Quiana. You’ve met my cousin previously. This is my fiancé, 

Yosef. He’s a member of the Haimowitz family and Pentariver Group. Next to him is my 

father-in-law, Mr. Yahir Haimowitz.” 

After listening to Ximena’s introduction, Desmond and Quiana hurriedly greeted, “Hello. 

We’ll be a family in the future.” 

Yahir and Yosef glanced at them indifferently without giving any response. There was 

even a hint of disdain flashing across their eyes. 

Yahir uttered coldly, “Usher them inside first, so they don’t block the way for important 

guests. Old Mr. Haimowitz will be here soon. 

Ximena, who had intended to show off, sensed Yahir’s displeasure and quickly urged 

Desmond, his wife, and Finnegan, “That’s enough. Hurry up and go inside instead of 

staying here to block the other esteemed guests. Find a secluded corner to sit inside 

17:03 Mon, Jan 15 

Chapter 41 Chased Away 

the hall, and don’t move to the front.” 

Desmond and Quiana felt rather embarrassed. They could sense the three regarded 

them with contempt. 

Nonetheless, the couple simply assumed Ximena was forced to treat them that way 

and steered Finnegan, who was suppressing his dissatisfaction, into the hotel. 


“I’ve told you your partner’s family should be of equal standing as ours.” Yahir swept his 

eyes across Finnegan’s family in exasperation and chided Yosef, “Remember not to let 

these poor relatives interact with us too much. Otherwise, we’ll never be able to get rid 

of them. Also, these people are not qualified to attend the engagement banquet. Come 

up with some way to drive them away before your granduncle arrives.” 

He uttered those words openly in front of Ximena. 

She didn’t feel embarrassed or angry after hearing that. Conversely, she merely realized. 


Chapter 41 Chased Away 


how inconsiderate she was. Wrapping her arms around Yosef’s, she said, “Darling, this 

is all my fault. My parents wanted to expose my Uncle Desmond and hist 

kind of event, so I agreed to let them join us. If Dad doesn’t like them, I’ll tell 

to chase them away immediately.” 

“I’ll let you handle it. Today’s guests are all distinguished members of society. Your 

relatives’ presence will only lower the standard of this place.” 

Upon entering the banquet hall, Finnegan and his parents found a corner to sit. 

Looking at the spacious hall, which could fit over a hundred banquet tables, Quianal 

was slightly nervous. “He’s indeed a member of the prestigious Haimowitz family, being. 

able to host such a grand spectacle for an engagement. Would the ceremony be more 

magnificent than this during the official wedding? How much money would that cost?” 

Desmond was also shocked. Still, his maturity as a man allowed him to stay composed 

and keep his astonishment to himself. 

17:00 Mon Jah 

innoans said “Many my engagement and wedding ceremonies in the du 

e prmanent than this, so you and Dad can feel proud too.” 

ponents sterrey thought he was consoling them, 


be sufficient pour can get a wide. There’s no need to waste your money on keeomigo 

with a grand terentonuy 

negan flashed a far sonite and didn’t speak further. He poured his parents a glass 

vater each and waned for the screeroony to begin. 

wever, before the banquet becan, Ragoood, iss wife. Qahira Kennedy, and their son. 

ler Larkin, showed up. Xavier was Finnegans elder cousin. They deliberately 

ssed up that day, but their attempt simphiccussed them to resemble incongruous 

Iveau riches.. 

smond, you all may leave now. You can come@gamindo atend the wedding. 

17:03 Mon, Jan 15 

ceremony later. 

When Desmond and Quianm were elabout to greet the trio, Qahira took out t 

n cash and placed the moneyomhetstable. 

Take this money and have your lunchceletsevere, so as not to lower the standard of 

veryone at the same table.” 

Jahira was a little dejected as wellwhen utterenc dicase words because she wanted to 

show off in front of Desmond and his family. 

infortunately. Ximena contacted her moments ago and inforoneted her of how the 

peearance of Desmond’s family triggered Yahir’s displeasure. Therefore, Qahira could 

woopasside ner desire to flaunt for now. 

nnegan’s gazza darkened. The indignation he suppressed at the erraracuse earrer 

kinated. “Auun Qahira, what do you mean by that? My parents didnt want to come in 



Chapter 41 Chand Away 

the first place when you invited them. They only came here because you repeatedly 

pleaded with them, yet now you’re chasing us away. Are you taking us for fools?” 


Qahira sneered. “Hey, Finnegan. Aren’t you getting more insolent after we’ve not met for 

a few years? How dare you talk back to your elders now? Desmond, Quiana, is this how 

you educate your son? Did you teach him to be so disrespectful?” 

Xavier urged, “Mom, why are we wasting time talking to them? Hurry up and tell them to 

get lost. We don’t want to upset my brother-in-law’s father and cause this engagement 

banquet to turn south.” 

Realizing that should be her focus, Qahira quit arguing with Finnegan. 

“Desmond, Quiana, take this money and quickly leave. Don’t stick around and 

embarrass us. You won’t be able to bear the consequences of ruining Ximena’s 

engagement banquet.” 

17.03 Mon, Jan 

Finnegan and his family attended the function in a jovial mood. Unexpectedly, they 

were abruptly asked to leave not long after their arrival. 


Desmond and his wife, who had been honest and simple people their whole lives, were 

mad. Still, having gotten used to putting up with whatever nonsense in silence, they 

didn’t argue with Qahira. 

They said to Finnegan awkwardly, “Let’s go.” 

Rage churned within Finnegan as he took in their shamefaced mien. He got to his feet 

and pushed Desmond’s wheelchair while regarding Raymond and his family with an 

impassive look. “I’ll ask one last time. Do you really want us to leave? Perhaps your 

family’s dream of currying favors with an influential family will be reduced to nothing 

following our departure.” 

Qahira scoffed. “Do you think you’re Old Mr. Haimowitz, and the engagement banquet. 

can’t proceed without you? Get lost at once, and don’t stay here as a hindrance. Let’s 

17.03 Mon, Jan 15 BG 

Chapter 41 Chased Away 


reduce the frequency of interaction between bur families too. We are people from very 

different backgrounds, after all.” 

“Uncle Raymond, do you think so too?” 

Finnegan turned to Raymond, who had been keeping quiet the whole time. 

In fact, Raymond didn’t fancy his young brother’s family getting targeted in that manner. 

However, he had yielded to Qahira his entire life. Hence, he lowered his head and 

feigned deaf, not daring to say a word at that moment. 

Receiving the implicit answer, Finnegan no longer harbored any hopes. “It seems there. 

isn’t a need to proceed with this engagement banquet.” 

“Old Mr. Haimowitz is here.” 

A commotion suddenly broke out at the entrance. Everyone inside the hall got to their 

1703 Mon Jan 15 

feet one short the other to peer in that direction. 

Qahiras expression t chanced and she hastily shouted, “Stop right there. W 

moments before soulded” 

Finnegan didn’t hear her Pussing Desimond along, he headed toward the door. Quiana 

hesitated briefly before catching upwith them as she figured a family should stick 

together at times like that. 

Qahiras countenance turned a few ssades sugber xavier burry up and halt them. Don’t 

let them stand in Old Mr. HaimowiZE way!”

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

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In an electrifying saga of bravery and heartbreak, Finnegan, the savior of a damsel in distress, found himself ensnared in a vengeful trap set by a powerful scion. Forced to flee to a distant land, he left behind all he cherished. After five tumultuous years, Finnegan seethed with fury as he returned home, only to witness a devastating scene. His family, once thriving, now lay in ruins, their fortune squandered, and his father left crippled by the scion's wicked machinations.

The Mischievous Doctor Author Iron Man

In an electrifying saga of bravery and heartbreak, Finnegan, the savior of a damsel in distress, found himself ensnared in a vengeful trap set by a powerful scion. Forced to flee to a distant land, he left behind all he cherished. After five tumultuous years, Finnegan seethed with fury as he returned home, only to witness a devastating scene. His family, once thriving, now lay in ruins, their fortune squandered, and his father left crippled by the scion's wicked machinations.


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